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  Chillapalli Venkata Rao

Name Professor CV Rao
(Professor Chillapalli Venkata Rao)
  Gender M
Birth 21-11-1910
Specialization Chemical Engineering
  Year of Election 1966  
  Demise 13-09-2006

Chillapalli Venkata Rao received the PhD (1949) from University of Delaware. He was conferred the DSc (hc) by Andhra University where he served as Honorary Professor and Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University College of Engineering.

Academic & Research Achievements: Rao has made very significant contributions to the study of various areas in chemical engineering namely heat-transfer in empty channels and fluidized beds, condensation of vapours; spray, packed and perforated plate liquid extraction columns, distillation and absorption in perforated plate columns, liquid-liquid and vapour-liquid equilibria, ionic mass transfer in empty channels, packed and fluidized beds, vibration and pulsation technique in transfer processes, and extraction of vanadium from ores and reaction kinetics.

Other Contributions: Rao is Life Member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Awards and Honours: Professor Rao received the Andhra University Golden Jubilee Award and HL Rao Memorial Lectureship (1978). He was elected Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences.

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