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  Dulal Pada  Sadhu

Name Professor DP Sadhu
(Professor Dulal Pada Sadhu )
  Gender M
Birth 09-05-1966
Specialization Physiology; Nutrition
  Year of Election 1966  
  Demise 18-06-1994

Dulal Pada Sadhu received PhD (1947) from University of Missouri, USA and DSc (hc) (1984) from Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University, West Bengal. He was Senior Scientific Officer (Defence Ministry) in Physiology at Kanpur; Assistant Professor in Physiology (1948-52), Professor of Veterinary Physiology (1953-60), Bengal Veterinary College; Principal, Bengal Veterinary College (1964-74), PG College of Animal Sciences, IVRI; and also Emeritus Scientist and Professor of Physiology and Nutrition, Bengal Veterinary College, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Sadhu was deeply interested in the areas: physiology and nutrition, endocrinology, biology of reproduction and cell biology. He made notable contributions on the mechanism of specific dynamic action of food, a much disputed area of physiology and biochemistry, and unraveled the mechanisms of energy exchange in the living organism, e.g. specific dynamic action of food and evolution of thermoregulation in the animal kingdom. He carried out studies on thyroid physiology, cholesterol metabolism, physiological mechanism of action of vitamin A, nutritional significance of milk sugar, and the kwashiorkor syndrome. He also worked on animal ecology with respect to temperature and neurochemistry. He authored a book dealing with Physiology in India.

Other Contributions: Sadhu served as Member of the Sigma Xi and Societe de Chimie Biologique, France; and also the INSA Council (1972-74)

Awards and Honours: Professor Sadhu was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad; and President, Physiology Section, Indian Science Congress (1963).

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