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  Ramballav Chakravarti

Name Dr R Chakravarti
(Dr Ramballav Chakravarti )
  Gender M
Birth 1911
Specialization River and Hydraulic Engineering
  Year of Election 1968  
  Demise 04-05-1997

Ramballav Chakravarti obtained BE (1933) from the University of Calcutta with specialization in river and hydraulic engineering. He was Chief Engineer (General), Government of West Bengal; Chief Engineer, Farrakka Barrage Project; Engineering Director, CMWSA (West Bengal) and Adviser, Municipal Corporation of Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Chakravarti was engaged throughout his career in planning, design and construction of river valley works, for example the Farrakka Barrage project, navigation canal entry and closure of river Piati. Two major engineering problems Chakravarty solved after retirement are the construction of a dam on the slushy bed of an estuarine (tidal) stream where formation bearing-power was negligible for 40 ft depth and determination of the causes for bank failure of the Hooghly at Uluberia.

Other Contributions: Chakravarti planned and designed important dams and barrages in West Bengal and constructed most of them. He was Chairman, High-powered Technical Committee of Tista Project.

Awards and Honours: Chakravarti was conferred on Distinguished Engineer by National Convention of Civil Engineers, India (1990). He was a Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers and Institution of Engineers (India). He was also the Foundation Fellow, West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology.

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