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  Digambar Vasudeo Joglekar

Name Dr DV Joglekar
(Dr Digambar Vasudeo Joglekar)
  Gender M
Birth 1897
Specialization Hydraulics
  Year of Election 1968  
  Demise NA

Digambar Vasudeo Joglekar obtained his DSc degree (1962) from the University of Poona. His specialization was in hydraulics. He was at the Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune, where he eventually served as Director.

Academic and Research Achievements: Joglekar devoted his entire career to hydraulic research and did pioneering work on river training. He successfully solved several problems by evolving new approaches to such studies as curvature of flow for sand control, repelling spurs pointing upstream for protecting towns, bridges and other structures, influence of silt and sand on river behaviour, coastal engineering, and harbour problems. An outstanding hydraulic engineer of India, he brought forth the experience of his lifelong research and gave an insight into the correct interpretation of the results of model experiments for the design of hydraulic structures and solutions to river-control problems.

Other Contributions: Joglekar was largely responsible for building up the research station at Khadakvasla. He was Member, Institution of Engineers (India); International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering; and International Association for Hydraulic Research (Vice-President, 1960-63). He also served as Editorial Adviser for International Association of Hydraulic Research, a technical journal.

Awards and Honours: Joglekar was the recipient of Coronation Medal (1937); Rao Sahib (1938); Rao Bahadur (1942); Gold Medal and Cash Award by Ministry of Irrigation and Power (1957-58); Gold Medal by Central Board of Irrigation and Power (1960) and Padma Shri by Government of India (1955).

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