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  Harish Chandra Ganguli

Name Professor HC Ganguli
(Professor Harish Chandra Ganguli)
  Gender M
Birth 1924
Specialization Psychology
  Year of Election 1972  
  Demise 19-11-2013

Harish Chandra Ganguli obtained his MA degree from Meerut College, Agra University, DPhill and DLitt from Calcutta University and did post-doctoral work at the Psychology Department, Illinois University, Urbana and at Laboratory of Aviation Psychology, Ohio State University, Columbus. He was a participant in the Institute of Counseling and Personnel Services for Asian Educator, University of Minnesota. From 1947, Ganguli was involved in teaching and research at: the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta; Indian Institute of Technology, Khargpur; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; and Flight Safety Directorate, Indian Air Force. He joined Delhi University as Professor and Head, Department of Psychology (1963), from where he retired in 1989. In between, he spent a year as an Expert in Industrial Psychology with Iraq National Oil Company, Baghdad, and at the Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, as Govt of India Expert. He was Dean, Provost, Proctor and Chairman/Member of College Managing Committees of Delhi University.

Academic and Research Contributions:Ganguli built up the Psychology Laboratory at Delhi University and trained faculty members. Ganguli’s empirical studies were “sophisticated, multivariate, data-based and theory-oriented”. He opened up, in India, research in industrial organizational psychology, mental health and sexual behaviour. His major findings relate to: incentives and motivation of workers; job satisfaction; organizational control, communication and effectiveness; epidemiology of mental disorders; sexual harassment of Indian working women; scale for measurement of sexual behaviour in Indian males; and fear of death and Bhagvad Gita mantra clusters. Ganguli has published about 75 scientific papers and written eight books (Asia Publishers, Allied Publishers etc.). He has guided 12 students for their PhD degree.

Others Contributions:Professor Ganguli helped other Universities of the country by assisting them in selection of faculty members, building new syllabi and participating in their examination systems. He participated in many national and international seminars organized by WHO, UNESCO, etc. He was Editor of Indian Journal of Psychology.

Awards and Honours:Dr Ganguli received DMA-Escorts Book Award; Sandoz Award of Indian Psychiatric Society (1970); Psychology National Award by Swami Pranavananda Trust; and Suhrit Chandra Mitra Memorial Plaque of Asiatic Society, Kolkata. He was UGC National Lecturer; President of Indian Psychological Association; President, Psychology Section of Indian Science Congress and its Platinum Jubilee Lecturer.

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