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  Krishna Kumar Nanda

Name Professor KK Nanda
(Professor Krishna Kumar Nanda)
  Gender M
Birth 1
Specialization Plant Physiology; Biochemistry
  Year of Election 1973  
  Demise 13-12-1983

Krishna Kumar Nanda obtained his PhD (1947) from University of Bombay specializing in plant physiology and biochemistry. He served as the Associate Professor, BR College, Agra (1960); Senior Research Officer, Plant Physiology, Forest Research Institute and Colleges, Dehra Dun (1960-63); Plant Physiologist, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (1966-68); Senior Professor of Plant Physiology, Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh (1968-80) and Emeritus Scientist, ICAR (1981-83).

Academic and Research Achievements: Nanda studied the endogenous rhythms, the effect of light and temperature on correlations between reproductive development, growth pattern and plant yield to help develop crop – weather models for enhancing the yield. He was also engaged on problems of regeneration and floral bud initiation on woody plants included in vitro culture of shoot meristems to understand the physiology of regeneration, growth and reproductive determination.

Others Contributions: He has served as Editor-in-Chief of Indian Journal of Plant Physiology for nineteen years.

Awards and Honours: Nanda received the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Memorial Prize (1972-73); JJ Chinoy Gold Medal (Indian Society of Plant Physiology) (1969, 1974); President, Botany Section, Indian Science Congress (1976-77); Birbal Sahni Medal (Indian Botanical Society) (1977); SM Sircar Memorial Medal (1979). He was a Member, Indian Botanical Society (President, 1982), Japanese Society for Plant Physiology, Indian Society of Plant Physiologists, Societia Physiology, Plantarum Scondinarice Cund, Indian Society for Tree Scientists, and American Association for Advancement of Science.

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