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  Yelavarthy Nayudamma

Name Professor Y Nayudamma
(Professor Yelavarthy Nayudamma)
  Gender M
Birth 10
Specialization Biochemistry; Leather Technology
  Year of Election 1975  
  Demise 22-06-1985

Yelavarthy Nayudamma obtained his PhD (1951) from University of Lehigh, USA specializing in biochemistry and leather technology. He served as the Director, Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Chennai; Director-General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Secretary to the Government of India, New Delhi; Vice-Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; Hony Professor, University of Madras and Distinguished Scientist, CLRI, Chennai.

Academic and Research Achievements:Nayudamma’s field of specialization was leather science and technology. His work included studies on the physico-chemical properties of raw and tanned collagen; coordination complexes of chromium, aluminium and zirconium; combination tannages such as chrome-vegetable tanning; biogenesis and chemistry of vegetable tannings; mechanism of tanning, in particular protein-tanning interactions. He did commendable work in practical application of theses methods in leather technology, particularly in the utilization of indigenous raw materials by the Indian leather industry. One of his most important contributions in the area of technology development pertains to the innovations in fat liquors required to soften leathers. He was also associated with innovations in development of acrylic resin emulsions for use in leather finishing. At the time of their commercial applications, leather chemicals developed by Nayudamma and his colleagues and manufactured by a number of commercial houses in India met nearly 40% of the requirements of India for those class of chemicals. His research made a significant industrial impact in India. He also made several important contributions to the development of new and improved processes for the manufacture of leathers. He authored an ACS Monograph Education in Leather Technology.

Other contributions:Nayudamma was Founder Member of Association for Science Cooperation in Asia. Represented India on Commonwealth Science Council. As consultant to UN, he contributed to the growth and development of leather industry in developing countries. As Governor of International Development Research Centre (Canada), he championed the cause of appropriate technology. Nayudamma’s name had become synonymous with the new ‘culture of science’ he introduced in CSIR. He championed the cause of backward districts, whose uplift, he firmly believed, lay in the application of science and technology to bring about socio-economic development. Nayudamma was President, COSTED and Member, INSA Council (1977-79).

Awards and Honours:Nayudamma was the recipient of Dr KG Naik Gold Medal by MS University of Baroda (1965) and Padma Shri (1971). He was a Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, Indian Standards Institutions, Institution of Chemists (India) (sometime President); Member, American Leather Chemists Association and International Union of Leather Trade Chemists, and Society of Leather Trade Chemists (UK); Academic Member, Indian Science Writers Association. Nayudamma was conferred DSc (hc) of Banaras, Andhra, Sri Venkateshwara and Sambalpur Universities.

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