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  Sohan Lal Tandon

Name Professor SL Tandon
(Professor Sohan Lal Tandon)
  Gender M
Birth 08-11-1922
Specialization Botany
  Year of Election 1975  
  Demise 03/27/1975

Sohan Lal Tandon obtained PhD (1952) from Washington State University, USA. He worked as Professor of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi.

Academic and Research Achievements: Tandon contributed to the cytotaxonomy of a number of angiospermic taxa. He conducted extensive work on the role of polyploidy in evolution with special reference to solanums; the mechanism of evolution of higher chromosomal forms based on their genomic analysis; the cytoembryology of endosperm and induced polyploidy in relation to floriculture. By his dedication to research, dexterity of technique, meticulous observation and critical assessment, he greatly enriched the science of cytogenetics. He also worked on endospermic taxa at later stages of his career. His work on Solanum nigrum revealing the evolutionary origin of the hexaploid form has been widely recognized. He experimentally established that hexaploid solanums have arisen as a result of natural hybridization between a tetraploid and diploid cytotype.

Other Contributions: Tandon served as Founder Member of the Society of Cytologists and Genetics.

Awards and Honours: Professor Tandon was Vice-President of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding (1967).

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