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  Gitindra Saran  Sanyal

Name Professor GS Sanyal
(Professor Gitindra Saran Sanyal)
  Gender M
Birth 01-02-1922
Specialization Electronics;Telecommunication
  Year of Election 1976  
  Demise 07-07-2011

GS Sanyal completed his university education in 1943. He was awarded DSc (hc) in 2004 by IIT Kharagpur. Working for two years at All India Radio, he went to UK and obtained advanced diplomas in radio engineering and radar. This was followed by four years of research at Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd and Pye Ltd, UK. He retuned to India to join initially Calcutta University and later IIT Kharagpur, eventually serving as Director, IIT Kharagpur (1983-87); and continued there in one capacity or another and now as Adviser, Vinod Gupta School of Management. His scholarship and innate love for students became a byword among generations of learners at the IIT; and GS Sanyal School of Telecommunication was set up there by one of his former students.

Academic and Research Achievements: On his return to India, Sanyal was involved in full-time teaching and research programmes. He taught virtually all subjects in electronics and telecommunication except digital communication, computers and solid state electronics. He collaborated with several universities and research laboratories in the US and made significant contributions in the areas of electromagnetics, microwave antennas, phased array radars, optical fibres and many ancillary problems on radio physics and electronics.

Other Contributions: Professor Sanyal’s untiring efforts led to the establishment of Radar and Communication Centre sponsored by DRDO at IIT Kharagpur (1972). His other major contributions include: (a) intimate and beneficial linkage with the Institute Alumni as the first Managing Director of Technology Foundation, (b) establishment of Calcutta Government Engineering College which was transferred to Jadavpur University in 1989, and (c) setting up of a degree college in Hijli, a rural area. His keen interest in the use of technology for rural uplift and rural health care through one IIT Mission Project throw light on his commitment to social welfare.

Awards and Honours: Sanyal was conferred the PC Mahalanobis Medal (1990) by INSA and Life Time Contribution Award (2005) by Indian National Academy of Engineering. He was elected Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, and Institution of Engineers (India).

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