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  Samavedam Sriramachari

Name Professor S Sriramachari
(Professor Samavedam Sriramachari)
  Gender M
Birth 25-06-1925
Specialization Nutritional Pathology; Liver Biopsy; Protein Malnutrition; Nutritional Liver
  Year of Election 1976  
  Demise 25-12-2009

Samavedam Sriramachari received B Sc, MD and D Sc from Andhra University. Starting as Lady Tata Research Scholar (1950) in Andhra Medical College, he joined Nutrition Research Laboratories, Coonoor as Pathologist (ARO). In 1954, he was deputed for training in neuropathology at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, DC. In 1959, he joined as Associate Professor, Neuropathology in the fore runner of NIMHANS, Bangalore. In 1962, his services were requisitioned as Deputy Director, ICMR. In 1965, he became Founder Director, Indian Registry of Pathology, now Institute of Pathology, ICMR. Concurrently, he served as First Additional Director General, ICMR (1982-87). Since retirement (1989), he has held the honorary assignments: Pitambar Pant Fellowship, INSA Senior Scientist, Honorary Advisor, ICMR and INSA Honorary Scientist. He was also conferred DSc (hc) by Andhra and SV universities.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sriramachari’s researches involve: (a) nutritional pathology investigations on: clinical -- liver biopsy and function tests; adult protein malnutrition and Kwashiorkor; experimental -- nutritional liver injury; zonal localization of fatty livers in protein-lipotrope deficiencies or orotic acid excess and progression and reversibility of dietary and toxic cirrhosis; damage of retinal rods and cones in Vitamin A deficient new born primates; differential tissue damage of Vitamin A analogues; arteriosclerosis and endocrine morphology in primate model of protein deficiency; (b) long-term studies on Indian Childhood Cirrhosis, and investigations on trace element profile of Cu and Zn in ICC suggesting iatrogenic herbal toxicity; (c) osteopathology studies regarding: sequential mineralization of rachitic healing by Vitamin D and starvation; microradiography and Tetracycline Labeling of bone tumours; crystalloid colloid interactions in pathogenesis of fluorosis; (d) neuropathology studies on: Vitamin C in experimental cerbral edema; developing Primate Model of neuro lathyrism in association with NIMHANS and IISc; Nagpur Encephalopathy Syndrome traced to ‘summer heat hyperpyrexia”; pathogenesis and reversibility of Extra-Dural cerebral compression in the Primate (simulating head injuries); brian tumours, Topo Optical properties of reactive glial bio filaments; (e) exhaustive pathology and toxicology studies regarding the Bhopal Gas Tragedy caused by the sudden leak of methyl isocyanate to unravel some of the mysteries of this major industrial disaster; and (f) human environmental bio-monitoring of inorganic and organic pollutants in human placenta. He published over 140 original papers and also guided six PhD students.

Other Contributions: Dr Sriramachari played a major role to build up the Neuropathology Department of NIMHANS. He was Vice President, INSA (1983-84).

Awards and Honours: Dr Sriramachari was conferred many awards, notably: Padmashri (1985); Basanti Devi Amir Chand Award by ICMR; RVR Oration by NAMS; BC Guha Oration by Indian Science Congress; JC Bose Award by UGC; Dr BC Roy and Silver Jubilee Research awards by MCI; BN Chopra Memorial Lecture Award (1983); and SK Mitra Memorial Lecture Award (1987). He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Medical Sciences, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, and F-EMSI.

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