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  Lakshminarayanapuram Narayanan Kailasam

Name Professor LN Kailasam
(Professor Lakshminarayanapuram Narayanan Kailasam)
  Gender M
Birth 1921
Specialization Geophysical Exploration; Geodynamics and Geotectonics
  Year of Election 1977  
  Demise 20-01-2005

LN Kailasam obtained his MSc degree (1952) from the St Louis University. His areas of specialization were geophysical exploration, geodynamics and geotectonics. He was Chief Geophysicist, Geological Survey of India.

Academic and Research Achievements: A pioneer in geophysical exploration in India, Kailasam played a major role in locating the areas for petroleum in Cambay and adjoining areas of Gujarat, and in the coastal sedimentary belt of erstwhile Madras state. He also made lasting contributions to geodynamics research using geophysical techniques for studying the earth's interior in the Indian lithosphere under various international projects sponsored by ICSU and its associations. His studies of the vast Deccan trap region provided new knowledge of its vertical extent and geotectonics, recent vertical crustal movements, plateau uplift and subsidence of sedimentary basins in the Indian peninsular shield. He made investigations, employing seismic, magnetic, gravity, electric and other geophysical techniques, for locating oil, minerals and sub-soil water resources, and in geodynamics.

Other Contributions: Kailasam served as Chairman, Indian Committee for International Geodynamics Project, ICG (ICSU) and Member of their International Working Group on Dynamics of Plate Interior (1973-79). He was also a Member of Geophysics Research Board (Secretary, 1957-62) and of Indian National Committee, IUGG (Secretary, 1957-62; 1972-75).

Awards and Honours: Kailasam received the Decennial Award of Indian Geophysical Union (1978). He was a Member of Society of Exploration Geophysicists (USA). He was Founder Member of Geological Society of India and Indian Geophysical Union (President, 1976-78).

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