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  Madhavasetty Ramalingam Rajasekarasetty

Name Professor MR Rajasekarasetty
(Professor Madhavasetty Ramalingam Rajasekarasetty)
  Gender M
Birth 16-10-1919
Specialization Population Genetics; Radiation Cytology; Germ-line Cells
  Year of Election 1978  
  Demise 03-07-1982

Madhavasetty Ramalingam Rajasekarasetty obtained PhD (1952) from University of Columbia, USA. He became Senior Professor and Head, Department of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Zoology, University of Mysore.

Academic and Research Achievements:,/b> Rajasekarasetty’s researches covered: population genetics, radiation cytology and effect of physical and chemical agents on germ-line cells. He hypothesized that karyotypic stability is necessary for species identity, and absolute stability culminates in an evolutionary cul-de-sac. The delineation of the types of anomalies, their quanta and probable significance in terms of (i) chromosome garniture, (ii) impeding the consummation of meiosis, (iii) abortive attempts to establish themselves in natural populations, and (iv) successful maintenance of karyological innovations (which natural selection seems to prefer) provided an insight into the dynamics of karyotypic evolution in natural populations. His work, qualitative as well as quantitative, on X-ray-induced meiotic chromosomal aberrations paved the way for a better understanding of chromosome structure, mechanisms involved in the production of various anomalies, dose-yield and time-yield relationships of aberrations and inter-relationships of these aberrations.

Other Contributions: He started a school of research in animal genetics at the University of Mysore. He was Member of the INSA Council (1981-82).

Awards and Honours: Professor Rajasekarasetty was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore; and National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad.

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