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  Mohan Dinesh

Name Dr M Dinesh
(Dr Mohan Dinesh)
  Gender M
Birth 1922
Specialization Geotechnical Engineering; Building Research
  Year of Election 1979  
  Demise 13-05-2002

Mohan Dinesh earned his CE (Hons) (1943) with a specialization on Geotechnical Engineering and Building Research, and Doc. Engng (hc) from the University of Roorkee. He was Director, Central Building Research Institute (1962-82); an INSA Senior Scientist (1985-88); and Chairman, Bureau of Indian Standards, Civil Engineering Division.

Academic and Research Achievements: Dinesh Mohan developed under-reamed pile foundations in black cotton soil which provide trouble-free foundations in areas with expansive clays. Such foundations have been adopted in very large numbers for various types of structures all over India. He organized investigations on cost reduction of primary school buildings and low-cost urban and rural housing. Based on these, he and his co-workers developed economical designs of such buildings, which have been put up in large numbers in various parts of the country.

Other Contributions: Life Member, American Society of Civil Engineers; President, Indian Geotechnical Society (1961-71); Vice-President, International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (1976-80) and International Council of Building Research Studies and Documentation (1974-77); Hony Member, International Council of Building Research & Documentation (CIB) (1988). He edited Internatinal Journal of Building Science (1972-82).

Awards and Honours: UGC National Lecturer (1976-77); SS Bhatnagar Medal (INSA) (1988), Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India) and Indian National Academy of Engineering.

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