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  Subir Kumar Ghosh

Name Professor SK Ghosh
(Professor Subir Kumar Ghosh)
  Gender M
Birth 1932
Specialization Structural Geology
  Year of Election 1979  
  Demise 30-09-2008

Subir Kumar Ghosh had his BSc, MSc degrees from Calcutta University. He obtained his DPhil (1961) under the supervision of Santosh Kumar Ray of Presidency College, Kolkata and the Filosofi Doktorsgrad (FD) degree from the Uppsala University, Sweden (1967), working in collaboration with Hans Ramberg. He was a Research Associate in the Swedish Geodynamic Project (1974-76) after which he joined the Geology Department of Jadavpur University, Kolkata (1958), retiring as Professor in 1997. He continued his researches in Jadavpur University, first as INSA Senior Scientist and then as INSA Honorary Scientist and was Emeritus Professor of Jadavpur University.

Academic and Research Achievements: During fifty years of his career Ghosh did research on fundamental aspects of structural geology. He combined detailed field investigations with theoretical and experimental studies. He also studied such structural complex terrains as Singhbhum (Jharkhand), Rajasthan in India and the Scandinavian Caledonides in Sweden and Norway. His theoretical and experimental studies cover a large area of Structural Geology such as superposed buckle folding, buckling by constrictional deformation, rotation of spherical and ellipsoidal inclusions in shear zones, deformation of early lineations, chocolate tablet boudinage, evolution of shear zone structures, etc. The results of his studies have appeared in more than fifty research papers. Most of the results were published in international journals specializing in Structural Geology. He authored a book entitled Structural Geology: Fundamentals and Modern Developments (Pergamon Press, Oxford), and guided thirteen PhD students.

Other Contributions: Professor Ghosh was on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Structural Geology (Oxford) and Tectonophysics (Elsevier). He was UGC National Lecturer (1979-80).

Awards and Honours: Professor Ghosh received SS Bhatnagar Prize of CSIR (1977) and K Naha Memorial Medal of INSA (1998). He was also a Fellow the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (1989).

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