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  Gopinath Kallianpur

Name Dr G Kallianpur
(Dr Gopinath Kallianpur)
  Gender M
Birth 1925
Specialization Probability and Stochastic Processes
  Year of Election 1979  
  Demise 19-02-2015

Gopinath Kallianpur obtained his BA (1945), MA (1946) from University of Madras and PhD degree (1951) from the University of North Carolina, USA. His areas of specialization are probability and stochastic processes. He was Director, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (1976-79) and since 1979, the Alumni Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina. He had earlier held faculty positions at University of California, Berkeley (1951-52); Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton (1952-53); Indian Statistical Institute (1953-56); Michigan State University (1956-59, 1961-63); Indiana University (1959-61); University of Minnesota (1963-76).

Academic and Research Achievements: Kallianpur's current research is in four areas: (a) A new approach to nonlinear filtering and prediction theory, based on white noise calculus, has been developed in conjunction with R.L. Karandikar. Further ramifications and a possible extension are being considered; (b) Stochastic differential equations whose solutions take values in duals of nuclear spaces are being investigated. Such equations arise when stochastic partial differential equations do not have regular solutions, and also in various applications in neurophysiology, environmental pollution and certain problems of applied mathematics; (c) Another actively developing area is concerned with chaos expansions, stochastic integrals and infinite dimensional calculus. This deals with a number of important topics, including the Stratonovich form of multiple Wiener integrals, applications to the Feynman integral, and to anticipative stochastic integration; (d) The time domain and spectral theory of two parameter stationary random fields is being developed jointly with V. Mandrekar, with a view to applications in texture analysis and image processing. He authored the books: Stochastic Filtering Theory (1980) and co-authored White Noise Theory of Prediction, Filtering Smoothing (1988).

Other Contributions: Kallianpur served as Editor of Applied Mathematics and Optimization and Sankhya; and as an Associate Editor of Soochow Journal of Mathematics.

Awards and Honours: Kallianpur was the Barret Lecturer, University of Tennessee (1993). He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Indian Mathematical Society and Member, Indian Statistical Institute.

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