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  Krishna Prasad Bhargava

Name Professor KP Bhargava
(Professor Krishna Prasad Bhargava)
  Gender M
Birth 1925
Specialization Pharmacology and Neuro-psychopharmacology
  Year of Election 1980  
  Demise 17-08-1991

Krishna Prasad completed his MD from the University of Lucknow (1950) and his PhD from the University of Utah (1956). His areas of specialization were pharmacology and neuro-psychopharmacology. He held various positions as Director-Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Dean-Principal, King George's Medical College, Lucknow.

Academic and Research Achievements: Bhargava employed pharmacological agents as tools in the delineation of control mechanisms in the brain. He worked out the nature and function of central neurochemical mechanisms concerned with cardiovascular functions, thermoregulation, emesis and neuroendocrinological mechanisms and did basic research in psychopharmacology dealing with aggressive and depressive behaviour. He discovered anti-stress drugs from Indian medicinal plants.

Awards and Honours: KP Bhargava won the Canadian Hearts Foundation Award (1965), Basanti Devi Amirchand Senior Research Award (ICMR) (1973), Sir Shri Ram Award (1977), UNVAS Prize (Indian Pharmacological Society) (1979) and the Sir Ram Nath Chopra Oration Award (Indian Pharmacological Society) (1982). He was a Fellow, National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) and Indian College of Allergy and Applied Immunology (President, 1982), Member of the International Brain Research Organization, Collegium Internationale Neuropsychopharmacolligicum and British Pharmacological Society, Founder Member, Indian Pharmacological Society (President, 1974).

Indian National Science Academy has instituted a 'Professor KP Bhargava Memorial Award' in his honour.

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