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  Rudra Pal Singh

Name Professor RP Singh
(Professor Rudra Pal Singh)
  Gender M
Birth 27-09-1919
Specialization Theory of Solids; Statistical Physics
  Year of Election 1980  
  Demise 15-12-1991

Rudra Pal Singh obtained PhD (1955) from Washington State University, USA. He remained Professor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Academic and Research Achievements: A specialist in the theory of solids and statistical physics, Singh explained the thermodynamic properties of liquid 4He and 3He from the proposed superposition (double life) model of excitation spectrum; used plasma theory for degenerate matter to estimate electrostatic energy in white dwarfs; studied the vibrational spectra and electronic band structure of a number of metals and semiconductors; and worked out a method to find the effect of exchange correlation in the dielectric function of real crystalline solids. He contributed chapters to two volumes of Solid State Physics.

Other Contributions: Singh served as Member of American Physical Society, Sigma Xi, and Phi Kappa Phi and was also on the Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics.

Awards and Honours: Professor Singh was President of the Physics Section, Indian Sciences Congress (1976). He was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences.

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