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  Satish Chandra  Pandeya

Name Professor SC Pandeya
(Professor Satish Chandra Pandeya)
  Gender M
Birth 01-01-1929
Specialization Bioscience
  Year of Election 1981  
  Demise 01-07-2007

Satish Chandra Pandeya did his PhD (1953) from Saugor University, PEA (1955) from University of Perugia, Italy and DSc (1992) from Agra University. He was Professor and Founder Head, Department of Special Assistance in Bioscience, Saurashtra University, Rajkot (1969-89); Visiting Professor, Jiwaji University, Gwalior (1988-89), Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra (1989-90); and UGC Emeritus Fellow, Raja Balwant Singh College, Agra (1990-92).

Academic and Research Achievements: Pandeya’s researches showed that: the process of desertification is the sum total result of the vicious cycle operating between organic matter productivity of the land and its over-use and the stressed climatic conditions accentuating the process along time scale. He quantified the impact of human activities on organic matter production in seminatural grazing lands in western India. He found that Total Net Primary Production as also the ecological efficiency is highly significant trapezoid function of water status optimum values between 500 and 1,000 mm (regime of C4- plants). Just given mean monthly temperature and monthly rainfall, it was possible to predict potential net primary productivity (NPP). He discovered 25 ecotypes of fodder grass Cenchrus ciliaris and 9 of C.setigerus in western India, the ecotypes being climato-edaphic ones. He also authored the books Research Methods in Plant Ecology (Asia Publication House, 1968), and Ecology of Cenchrus Grass complex: Environmental Conditions and Population Differences in Western India (Kluwer Academic Publications, 1993).

Other Contributions: Professor Pandeya served as Consultant, Global Environmental Monitoring System, UNEP and FAO, Rome (1976); Member, National Committee on Environmental Planning and Coordination Research Committee, Man and the Biosphere Research Committee of DST, Gujarat State Council on Ecology; UGC Expert Panel on Biology (1974-76), Environmental Science (1982); and also Member of several committees of International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. He was also Chief Editor, Tropical Ecology (1962-65).

Awards and Honours: Professor Pandeya was conferred UGC National Lecturer (1978-79; 1986-87); Pitamber Pant National Environmental Fellow Award (1988-91); and Birbal Sahni Medal by Indian Botanical Society (1990). He was elected Fellow of the Indian Botanical Society, National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, Linnaean Society of London, International Society for Tropical Ecology, International Rangeland Society, and Gujarat Science Academy.

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