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  Nivarthi Suryanarayana  Satyamurthy

Name Dr NS Satyamurthy
(Dr Nivarthi Suryanarayana Satyamurthy)
  Gender M
Birth 05-02-1936
Specialization Nuclear Physics
  Year of Election 1981  
  Demise 08-10-1984

Nivarthi Suryanarayana Satyamurthy obtained PhD (1967) from University of Bombay. He remained Associate Director & Head, Nuclear Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai.

Academic and Research Achievements:Dr Satyamurthy used neutron scattering techniques extensively for studying magnetic materials. He and his colleagues discovered several new magnetic structures, including Yafet-kittel angles mixed nickel-zinc ferrites. Their pioneering work using polarized neutron diffraction led to studies on spin density distributions in solids. They identified large spin transfers in magnetite, and also discovered a new polarizer for thermal neutrons. Dr Satya Murthy contributed significantly to the design of the neutron facilities of Dhruva reactor so that it could afford unique opportunities for a new class of experiments. He lead a team of scientist to design and fabricate, cold and hot sources, neutron guides and several classes of neutron spectrometers. In addion to the neutron spectroscopy programme, he cultivated a number of other experimental techniques at Trombay. The study of crystal excitations that lie in the part of ‘Energy-momentum space’ which is inaccessible to neutrons, led him to augment these experimental techniques. This included Compton profile spectroscopy for the study of electron states, Mossbauer spectroscopy for the study of cooperative effects and Raman spectroscopy for probing long wavelength excitations. He launched the development of other electron spectroscopies that are vital for the study of solid surfaces. In the field of cryogenics and low temperature physics, Dr Satyamurthy spent great effort in setting up a broad activity involving basic research as well as applied programmes like development of superconducting magnets.

Other Contributions: As General Secretary of Indian Physics Association and Founder Member of Magnetics of Society of India, Satyamurthy rendered yeoman service to the cause of physics bodies in the country. He was engaged in the setting up of the Center of Advanced Technology at Indore. He organized courses on Magnetism and its Applications and on Integrated Circuits under the auspices of Indian Physics Association. He was a coeditor of a series of monographs that were brought out by Indian Physics Association and was also on the Editorial Board of the Bulletin of Materials Science.

Awards and Honours: Dr Satyamurthy won the SS Bhatnagar Prize (1980). He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore; also Life Member, Magnetics Society of India (Vice-President), and Indian Physics Association (General Secretary).

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