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  Krishna Sahai Bilgrami

Name Professor KS Bilgrami
(Professor Krishna Sahai Bilgrami)
  Gender M
Birth 1933
Specialization Fungal Physiology; Mycotoxicology and Ecology
  Year of Election 1982  
  Demise 31-12-1996

Krishna Sahai Bilgrami obtained his DPhil (1956) and DSc (1962) degrees from the University of Allahabad. His areas of specialization were fungal physiology, mycotoxicology and ecology. He was Lecturer, University of Allahabad (1957-62); Associate Professor, Jodhpur University (1963-69); Professor and Head, University Department of Botany, Bhagalpur University (1970-93); Dean, Faculty of Science (1973-75, 1982-84); and Acting Vice-Chancellor, Bhagalpur University (1978-79).

Academic and Research Achievements: Bilgrami had shown, for the first time, the significance of transglycosidation in breakdown and utilization of complex carbohydrates by fungi. He studied the impact of industrial and urban effluents on biodiversity of River Ganga and thermal springs in Bihar as well as the effect of various mycotoxins on important physiological and biochemical processes of animals and plants. He published six university-level books and thirteen monographs.

Other Contributions: Bilgrami was a Member of Ganga Project Directorate Research Committee; Agricultural Research Committee, Lower Ganga Region (Planning Commission); Wetland Management Committee, Government of Bihar; ICMR Task Force Committee; Project Advisory Committee (Plant Sciences) of DST; and Member, Research Council of CIMAP. He served on Post-Harvest Technology Panel of ICAR. He edited the proceedings of eight UGC-sponsored symposia and was the Chief Editor of Biological Bulletin India. He was a Member of INSA Council (1992-94).

Awards and Honours: Bilgrami received Professor Panchanan Maheshwari Gold Medal of Indian Botanical Society (1983); Saligram Sinha Memorial Gold Medal of National Academy of Science (India), Allahabad; SK Shome Memorial Lectureship of Mycological Society of India (1985); BB Mundkur Memorial Lectureship of Indian Phytopathological Society (1985); SN Banerjee Lectureship of Indian Mycological Society (1987); Parija Memorial Lectureship of Utkal University (1990); Platinum Jubilee Lectureship of Indian Science Congress (1991); and Kajale Memorial Lectureship of Indian Botanical Society (1991).

The Indian National Science Academy has instituted 'Professor Krishna Bilgrami Memorial Medal' in his honour.

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