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  Natesan Ramanathan

Name Dr N Ramanathan
(Dr Natesan Ramanathan)
  Gender M
Birth 13-12-1923
Specialization "Biophysics; Fibre Physics; Leather Technology, "
  Year of Election 1982  
  Demise 06-08-1986

Natesan Ramanathan received PhD (1951) from University of Bombay; and another PhD (1955) from University of Leeds, UK. He was Director, Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai; and also Honorary Professor, Anna University, Chennai.

Academic and Research Achievements: Working in the areas biophysics, fibre physics, and leather technology, Ramanathan correlated the electron microscopical structure of collagen fibres in leather with their physical properties and established how these are influenced by biological and environmental factors. His discovery of the directional friction effect in collagen fibres helped rectify defects in hides. He helped develop a new shoe-sizing system.

Other Contributions: Dr Ramanathan contributed to the promotion of leather industry in India as Director of Karnataka Leather Industries Development Corporation, Tamil Nadu Leather Development Corporation and Bharat Leather Corporation. He was also Member of the Electron Microscope Society of India. He worked for the Appropriate Technology Cell, Government of India; and many technical committees of ISI and CSIR. He also edited the book Collagen (John Wiley, 1962).

Awards and Honours: Dr Ramanathan was conferred Invention Promotion Board’s Award (1969, 1984). He was elected Founder Fellow, Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences; and Fellow, Textile Institute of UK.

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