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  Ardhendu Sekhar Mukherjee

Name Professor AS Mukherjee
(Professor Ardhendu Sekhar Mukherjee)
  Gender M
Birth 1935
Specialization Molecular Biology
  Year of Election 1983  
  Demise NA

Ardhendu Sekhar Mukherjee obtained his PhD (1964) from University of California specializing in molecular biology. He served as the Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley (USA) (1963-64) and later Lecturer (1965-74), Reader (1974-78); and Professor (1998-2000) of Zoology, University of Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Mukherjee’s pioneering research is on Drosophila genetics. His work on dosage compensation and control of DNA replication earned him international peer recognition. His theory on the male X hyperactivity as the mechanism of dosage compensation has been accepted and is known after his name. According to the theory, the single X chromosome of Drosophila male compensates the gene products of the diplo X female by hyperactive transcription and faster rate of DNA replication. Mukherjee’s studies on the role of repair system in the fixation of mutations and hormone and cancer research have opened up new vistas in molecular biology. He discovered the rapid method of scintillation autoradiography. Also worked on the role of hormones in development and carcinogenesis. In addition, some contribution made by Mukherjee in the field are: recombination in male; fractional mutation and repair; development genetics and biological patterns; hormone’s role in replication and maintenance and exogenous DNA incorporation etc.

Others Contributions: Mukherjee contributed a chapter to Development and Neurobiology of Drosophila (Plenum Press 1980); served as editor-in-chief of Proceedings of the Zoology Society, Calcutta; Member of editorial board of Indian Journal of Experimental Biology.

Awards and Honours: Mukherjee was the Member, Sigma XI (USA); Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society (London); Member, Zoological Society, Kolkata, All India Cell Biology Society and Society for Cytology and Genetics.

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