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  Vinod Venilal Modi

Name Professor VV Modi
(Professor Vinod Venilal Modi)
  Gender M
Birth 1929
Specialization Microbial Biochemistry, Biotechnology & Fermentation
  Year of Election 1984  
  Demise 18-06-2016

Vinod Venilal Modi earned his BSc and MSc from Bombay University and the University of Baroda respectively. In 1953, he went to UK to join the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Liverpool and obtained his PhD (1955) working on 'Mechanism of Carotene Biosynthesis'. Subsequently, he joined the Hannah Research Institute at Ayr, Scotland as a Scientific Officer and worked on the problems of metabolism during lactation. In 1957, on returning to India, Modi joined the Biochemistry Department of MS University, Baroda and organized the fermentation chemistry. He went to the University of Iilinois, USA (1961) as a Research Associate and worked on biochemical functions of Biotin. At the University of Baroda he established the Department of Microbiology (1964). He was a Visiting Scientist at Nagoya University, Japan (1975). After superannuation, he served as INSA Senior Scientist (1989-92).

Academic and Research Achievements: At the University of Baroda, Modi conducted courses in microbial genetics and molecular biology with active support from the University of Edinburgh and Dr Heniz Saedler of Germany, which attracted a large number of bright students from different places and became a major centre of postgraduate teaching. He conducted, research in 'rhizobial genetics' 'hydrocarbon metabolism' 'regulation of fruit ripening' and fermentative production of beta-carotene. He has published 210 research articles and guided 46 PhD students.

Other Contributions: As the Founder coordinator, Professor Modi established a leading biotechnology centre in Baroda. In 1982, he was appointed Dean of Faculty of Science of Progressive Programmes in higher sciences. He also served as Chairman of an Enquiry Committee appointed by the Gujarat High Court (1995).

Awards and Honours: Modi was elected as National President of the Association of Microbiologists (1977) and also selected as a UGC National Lecturer (1979). He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi (1995).

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