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  Krishna Kamini Rohatgi-Mukherjee

Name Professor KK Rohatgi-Mukherjee
(Professor Krishna Kamini Rohatgi-Mukherjee)
  Gender F
Birth 02-08-1924
Specialization Photophysical Properties of Molecules; Photoelectrochemistry; Solar Energy; Photophysics; Photochemistry; Photo-induced Electron Transfer
  Year of Election 1984  
  Demise 31-12-2009

Krishna Kamini Rohatgi-Mukherjee obtained the DPhil (1952) from University of Oxford, UK. She was Professor of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and INSA Senior Scientist (1990-93).

Academic & Research Achievements: Rohatgi-Mukherjee’s early work on dye-aggregation and consequent hypochromism due to excitonic interaction won her international peer recognition. She has carried out studies on photophysical properties of molecules in electronically excited singlet and triplet states; singlet oxygen and photodynamic action, photoelectrochemistry, photochemical conversion and storage of solar energy, photophysics and photochemistry of porphyrins, and photo-induced electron transfer in organized media, such as a polymers, micelles and liposomes. Her doctoral work on photoreaction between anthracene and CC14 led to concept of photo-induced electron transfer mechanism. She also authored the book Fundamentals of Photochemistry (3 Edns).

Other Contributions: Rohatgi-Mukherjee was National Representative, IUPAC Committee on Teaching of Chemistry (1982-93), Committee International de Photobiology (1981-94) and served on several CSIR Committees. She was on the Editorial boards of Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy (1984-86), Indian Journal of Chemistry (1980-82, 1992-94) and Indian Journal of Chemical Education (1968-78).

Awards and Honours: Professor Rohatgi-Mukherjee was conferred the UGC National Lecturership (1979), Sir CV Raman Award by Indian Science Congress Association (1991) and RP Mitra Lectureship by University of Delhi. She was President, Chemistry Section, Indian Science Congress (1984-85) and International Congress on Photobiology (1988). She was elected Fellow of the Asiatic Society, West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology, Indian Society for Biophysics, Indian Photobiology Society, Indian Chemical Society (Vice-President also, 1979-81); Founder Secretary, Indian Photobiology Society (1964-92); Honorary Member (President, 1985-88), Association International de Photobiology; and Member/Fellow of several other professional bodies.

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