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  Randhir Singh Kapil

Name Dr RS Kapil
(Dr Randhir Singh Kapil)
  Gender M
Birth 1935
Specialization Natural Product and Medicinal Chemistry
  Year of Election 1985  
  Demise 18-06-2005

Randhir Singh Kapil obtained his PhD degree (1960) from Agra University. His specialization was in organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry. He was the Director, Regional Research Laboratory (now known as Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine), Jammu-Tawi.

Academic and Research Achievements: Kapil's contributions lie in the systematic examination of a large number of ayurvedic plants for their structure and function. To cite a few, Tinospora cordifolia yielded a new immunomodulator and hepatoprotective. Withania somnifera had been worked out for adaptogenic activity and Aegle marmelos for gastrointestinal tract. He developed a new anti-allergic agent (73/602) and synthesized a large number of natural products. He was known internationally for his work on the biosynthesis of indole and 1-benzyl-isoquinoline derived alkaloids. He wrote two chapters namely, The Carbazole Alkaloids and Monoterpene Alkaloid Glycosides for the Review series namely The Alkaloids (Academic Press).

Other Contributions: Kapil was a member of Editorial Boards of: Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy (Pt A), Indian Drugs, Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Abstract, Journal of Chemical Sciences, Bulletin of Medico-Ethno Botanical Research and Indian Journal of Chemistry. He was a Member of J&K State Council for Science and Technology and of Sub-Committee, Indian Pharmacopoeia (1984-89; 1989-94). Kapil was a Life Member, Indian Chemical Society and Secretary, Indian Medicinal Chemists Association.

Awards and Honours: Dr. Kapil received Professor NV Subbha Rao Memorial Lecture Award of Osmania University, Hyderabad (1984), UGC National Lectureship (1986-87) and Ranbaxy Research Foundation Award (1989).

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