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  Gurjal Madhava Reddy

Name Professor GM Reddy
(Professor Gurjal Madhava Reddy)
  Gender M
Birth 16-11-1932
Specialization Plant Genetics; Molecular Biology
  Year of Election 1985  
  Demise 24-04-2009

Gurjal Madhava Reddy obtained BSc (1955) from Osmania University, and MS (1958) from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. He joined the University of Missouri, Columbia and obtained PhD in Biochemical Genetics (1962). He worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California (1962-63) and then returned to India (1963). While working at the Osmania University (1964-2001), he held various positions as Reader, Plant Genetics (1966-72); Coordinating Officer/Dean Development, UGC Affairs (1968-75); Professor of Plant Genetics (1972-92); Head, Department of Genetics (1979-83); Coordinator, UGC Departmental of Research Support (DRS) (1983-86); Coordinator, COSIST, UGC (1983-86); Principal, University College of Science (1983-87); Dean, College Development Council (1987-91); Chairman, Board of Studies in Genetics (1987-92); Dean, Faculty of Science (1991-92); Founder Director, Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB) (1991-96); and INSA Senior Scientist (1997-2001). He was also Senior Fulbright Scholar, University of California (1979-80); P. Investigator, US PL-480 project (Rice) 1979-92; FAO Consultant, Rice Research Institute, Thailand (1984-85); British Council Visiting Fellow, Plant Genetics Manipulation Group, University of Nottingham (1988); P. Investigator, Rockefeller Foundation Project (1990-93); Visiting Scientist in Molecular Biology, University of Missouri, USA (1994); and International Consultant in Biotechnology, Asian Development Bank, Sri Lanka (1996).

Academic and Research Achievements: Reddy had keen interest in plant genetics and molecular biology. He analyzed nine genes controlling anthocyanin biosynthesis into a linear unidirectional gene action sequence through inter-tissue complementation technique. Biochemical studies with aleurone tissue of genetically blocked mutants provided insight into gene-enzyme product relationship in anthocynanin biosynthesis in maize, a classical example in higher plants. Five non-allelic induced dwarfs in rice are being utilized in breeding high-yielding varities to avoid genetic vulnerability caused by the repeated use of Dee-Geo-Woo-Gen-dwarfing gene. He guided 41 PhD students and published more than 250 papers in biochemical genetics, tissue culture, molecular biology and biotechnology. He also established Professor GMR Research Foundation in 1995.

Other Contributions: Reddy planned and developed the PG Centre, Warangal which blossomed into Kakatiya University. He has been Asian Editor of the Journal of Genetics & Breeding.

Professor Reddy was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Boulder, Colorado USA (1959). He received the AP State Government Best Teacher Award (1984), American Medal of Honour (2005, 2006), and Bharat Excellence Award and Gold Medal Certificate (2006). He also received the Molecular Biology Fellowship of the University of Missouri, Columbia (1994). He was President of the Society of Cytologists and Geneticists of India (1989-92), and also Mendelian Society of India (1992); Founder Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1990); and Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad (1990), AP Academy of Sciences (1985), Phi Sigma Society, USA (1958), and the Society of the Sigma Xi, University of Colorado (1959).

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