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  Prince Kumar Malhotra

Name Professor PK Malhotra
(Professor Prince Kumar Malhotra)
  Gender M
Birth 1935
Specialization Particle Physics
  Year of Election 1986  
  Demise 07-03-1992

Prince Kumar Malhotra obtained his PhD (1964) from University of Bombay specializing in particle physics (high-energy physics). He served as the Professor, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (1983-92); Visiting Scientist, CERN, Geneva and Argonne National Laboratory, USA and Senior Research Associate, Fermilab, USA (1981-82).

Academic and Research Achievements: Malhotra discovered what is known as ‘Malhotra – Wroblewski regularity’ concerning the multiplicity distribution of charged particles in proton-proton interactions. He carried out pioneering work on hadron nucleus collisions. At CERN also, Malhotra did pioneering work on inclusive meson resonance production, universality of transverse momentum spectra and on direct and indirect production of pions, kanos and resonance. His work on Drell-Yan processes, intrinsic transverse momentum of quarks and anti-quarks, and suppression of strange and anti strange quarks has received peer recognition. He also specialized in fabricating equipment for research in high-energy physics.

Other Contributions: Malhotra was the elected Member, Commission on Particles and Fields, IUPAP (1981); Member, International Committee for Future Accelerators (1984-86); Secretary, Cosmic Rays, Geophysics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics Committee, Department of Atomic Energy. He edited Proc Tenth Int Symp Multiparticle Dynamics (1979) and Proc Workshop Drell-Yan Processe (Fermilab, 1982); prepared a report on High-Energy Physics in India and Future Outlook for National Committee on Science and Technology.

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