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  Saurindranath Sen

Name Professor S Sen
(Professor Saurindranath Sen)
  Gender M
Birth 28-02-1921
Specialization Geology; Precambrian Geology; Structure Tectonics; Metamorphism
  Year of Election 1986  
  Demise 01-11-2004

Saurindranath Sen obtained DSc (1952) from University of Calcutta. He was Visiting Lecturer at Columbia University, USA (1954-56) and later worked as Professor, Geology Department, University of Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Sen was a pioneer researcher in India in three branches of geology, viz. Precambrian geology, structure tectonics and metamorphism. He interpreted Gondwana depositional environment on the basis of mechanical analysis of sediments. He used magmatectonics to trance the evolution and emplacement of a granite body (in east Singbhum). He brought petrofabrics to bear on the question of structural evolution of high-grade metamorphic rocks (in east Singhbhum). From petrographic and petrofabric studies, he suggested with respect to labradorite feldspar some deformation mechanisms, identifying crystallographic orientation of possible translation planes from the then known structure of labrodorite which were subsequently confirmed by experimental work overseas. He suggested a polyphyletic origin of charnockites; showed that calc-magnesian sediments and basic igneous rocks undergoing high-grade metamorphism and migmatization converge towards charnockite. He carried out extensive studies in the Aravalli Mountain Chain. These studies led him to utilize the plate tectonic hypothesis in order to explain the tectonic evolution of the Precambrian rocks of central Rajasthan. The work brought forth a basic conceptual contribution in geotectonic reconstruction of fold belts; that highlighted the inadequacy of the `geosyncline concept’ in explaining the structural and tectonic independence of the constituent zones of a single fold belt within the `Composite Aravalli Range’. From geomorphological work, he also traced the neotectonic evolution of the Aravalli Mountain Chain.

Other Contributions: Sen introduced the subjects `structural geology including petrofabrics and magmatectonics’ in the Department of Geology, University of Calcutta and `petrofabrics’ in the Department of Geology, Columbia University.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sen was conferred UGC National Fellow (1979-80); DN Wadia Medal by INSA (1989) and Pramatha Nath Bose Memorial Medal of the Asiatic Society.

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