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  Kailash Nath Khattri

Name Professor KN Khattri
(Professor Kailash Nath Khattri)
  Gender M
Birth 1934
Specialization Geophysics; Seismology and Exploration Geophysics
  Year of Election 1988  
  Demise 24-04-2007

Kailash Nath Khattri obtained his BSc (1953) from Lucknow University and BSc (Hons) (1956) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. He obtained the MS (1968) and PhD (1969) from the Saint Louis University specializing in geophysics, particularly, seismology and exploration geophysics. He was a Senior Geophysicist, Oil and Natural Gas Commission India (1965-73); Reader (1973-76) and Professor of Geophysics, Roorkee University, India (1976). He was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder (1976-77).

Academic and Research Achievements: Khattri had taught post-graduate courses in geophysics at Roorkee University. He had made notable contributions in evolving a number of powerful conceptual frameworks and analytical methodologies in geophysics towards developing refined interpretational techniques to match the high quality of data abstracted by modern instruments. One of his most significant research contributions was in the field of seismic exploration for hydrocarbons through the development of mathematical models for exploring litho-stratigraphy, direct detection of hydrocarbons, wavelet deconvolution and velocity analysis. He had also evolved new concepts in seismicity for quantifying seismic hazards that were meaningful in engineering design. He had made original contributions to the optimal inversion of seismic wave amplitude data to determine earthquake source parameters. A deconvolution analysis had been conceptualized to allow the estimation of earthquake source time function. His significant researches include earthquake prediction and micro-seismic investigations in the Himalayas and in North Eastern India. Khattri had published more than 70 research papers and mentored about 7 MTech and PhD students.

Others Contributions: Khattri was elected President, IIT, Kharagpur, Alumini Association (1970-73) and Vice President of IIT Alumni Association Roorkee (1979-80). He was Member of Research Advisory Council, NGRI, Hyderabad and Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun. He was also Member of Risk Evaluation Council, Government of India. He served as Editorial Board Member of Geoscience Journal and was a Member of Indian Society of Earthquake Technology.

Awards and Honours: Khattri was Associate Member of Sigma Xi; Fellow of the Association of Exploration Geophysicists and a Member of American Geophysical Union. He was awarded National Lectureship by UGC (1983-84). He was a recipient of Khosla Research Award and Gold Medal (1984) and Khosla Research Award and Silver Medal (1985).

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