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  Ramesh Chandra Sachar

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Name Professor RC Sachar
(Professor Ramesh Chandra Sachar)
FNA ID N89-1034
Address E-14/4, Vasant Vihar,
City New Delhi
Pin Code 110057
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Service in the Council
Qualification PhD
Membership FNAAS
  Year of Election 1989  
Personal Website

Ramesh Chandra Sachar received PhD (1957) from University of Delhi. He worked as Biochemist, Division of Biochemistry, India Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (1968-78) and also as Professor, Department of Botany, University of Delhi (1978).

Academic & Research Achievements: Sachar has contributed to our understanding of molecular mechanisms in the control of gene expression at the post-transcriptional and post-translational level by phytohormones in higher plants. He was the first to demonstrate that, in wheat, GA3 promoted active translation of poly(A) polymerase from its stored mRNA and this in turn increased the levels of poly(A)+ RNA. The stimulatory effect of GA3 could be counteracted by ABA. Furthermore, he observed repression of poly(A)+ RNA. The stimulatory effect of GA3 could be counteracted by ABA. Furthermore, he observed repression of poly(A) polymerase activity with a concomitant decrease in the levels of poly(A)+ RNA in fungal infected wheat embryos and auxin-treated pea epicotyls. At the post-translational level, GA3 treatment to wheat half-seeds was shown to activate monophenolase and alter its molecular properties through a change in the conformation of the enzyme. A GA3-binding protein was purified and this hormone-protein complex was found to bind to acid phosphatase and concomitantly bring about enzyme activation. His pioneering work on the selective phosphorylation of the small subunit of RuBPCase in spinach and moss has unraveled the significance of phosphorylation in the assembly of large and small subunits into holoenzyme. His group has also been the first to report phosphorylation at tyrosine residues during autophosphorylation of wheat protein kinase.

Other Contributions: Professor Sachar served as Life Member of the International Society of Plant Morphologists and Society of Biological Chemists.

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