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  Jeevan Prakash  Verma

Name Professor JP Verma
(Professor Jeevan Prakash Verma)
  Gender M
Birth 05-06-1939
Specialization Plant Pathology
  Year of Election 1990  
  Demise 09-04-2005

Jeevan Prakash Verma obtained PhD (1961) from University of Lucknow and Dr rer nat (1966) from Munich University, Germany. He served as Lecturer (1961-69), University of Kalyani. He shifted to Division of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi in 1962 as Scientist S2 and later became Professor of Plant Pathology in 1968. He served as Head of the Plant Pathology Division from 1995 till superannuation.

Academic and Research Achievements: Verma studied the interaction of host and pathogen genotypes, and demonstrated cross protection, occurrence of mixed pathogen genotypes (races) in single lesions, and generation of more virulent genotypes in nature. His data on apoplastic movement of chemicals, mutation rates, positive/negative cross resistance, pathogen gene distribution under natural selection pressures, useful host-gene combinations, biochemical resistance, bio-degradation of antibiotics, plasmid profiles, siderophores and biological control generated useful concepts in ecological plant pathology. He contributed to our understanding of inheritance of resistance, enzymes, latency, bacteriophages and lysogeny. He also authored/co-authored: Bacterial Blight of Cotton (CRC Press), The Bacteria and General Bacteriology.

Other Contributions: Verma served as Chief Editor/Editor of Indian Phytopathology, and edited/co-edited several books.

Awards and Honours: Professor Verma won the Birbal Sahni Gold Medal (1958) and Ruchi Ram Sahni Research Prize (1961) of Lucknow University, the Hexamar Award (1981, 1991) and ICAR Commendation Gold Medal (1992). He was elected President of the Indian Phytopathological Society, Indian Botanical Society, and Agricultural Sciences Section of the Indian Science Congress (1990). He was also elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad and National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi (Foundation Fellow).

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