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  Surender Kumar Malik

Name Professor SK Malik
(Professor Surender Kumar Malik)
  Gender M
Birth 1942
Specialization Applied Mathematics; Nonlinear Phenomena; Bifurcation Theory and Chaos
  Year of Election 1993  
  Demise 07-07-2001

Surender Kumar Malik obtained his PhD (1967) from University of Delhi specializing in applied mathematics, nonlinear phenomena, bifurcation theory and chaos. He served as Professor, Centre for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Academic and Research Achievements: Malik was a very active research in Magnetohydrodynamics, Magnetic Fluids and Chaos. He had obtained the long wave equation in magnetic fluids. He also investigated the long-short wave resonance interactions. The application of magnetic field decreases the domain of instability where this resonance occurs. He studied the nonlinear stability of electrohydrodynamic wavers in fluilds resulting in solution. A weakly nonlinear theory of the evolution of two dimensional wave packets in the self-gravitating media is also studies by him. Malik investigated the modulation instability in self-gravitating fluid column. He had shown great ingenuity in obtaining a nonlinear Schordinger equation, which is crucial in this study and finally, has shown the correlation of this work to the study of envelope solitons. He had also given the theory of the nonlinear breakup of self-gravitating column. The column breaks upto into main astronomical bodies and their satellites whose dimensions are sensitive to the wave numbers. This problem is of great importance in describing the phenomenon of condensation in the astronomical bodies. Professor Malik had also investigated the nonlinear dynamics instability of a weakly ionized plasma. Malik was among the first investigators to use the multiple scales in investigating non-linear stability problems for bounded systems. Some of this work had generated considerable interest in the literature.

Other Contributions: Malik was the co-author of Continuum Mechanics and Applications.

Awards and Honours: Malik received the SS Bhatnagar Prize (1985); Co-chairman, International Conference on Continuum Mechanics and Its Applications, Canada (1989); UGC National Fellowship (1993-95). He was the Editor of INSA publications (1997-99).

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