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  Ramakrishna Vijayacharya Hosur

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Name Professor RV Hosur
(Professor Ramakrishna Vijayacharya Hosur)
FNA ID N95-1175
Address Senior Professor (I), Department of Chemical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba
City Mumbai
Pin Code 400005
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Biophysical Chemistry, NMR, Structural Biology
Service in the Council Member, 2008-2010
Qualification PhD
Membership FASc, FNASc
  Award INSA Medal for Young Scientists, 1984
Professor Ranga Krishna Asundi Memorial Lecture, 1998
Dr Jagdish Shankar Memorial Lecture, 2003
  Year of Election 1995  
E-mail hosur@tifr.res.in
Personal Website

Ramakrishna V Hosur did his BSc from Karnatak University, MSc (Chemistry) from IIT Bombay, PhD from TIFR (Mumbai university) and received his post-doctoral training at ETH Zurich with Professor Kurt Wuthrich, NL. He has been serving Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) since 1978 and currently is a Senior Professor.

Academic and Research Achievements: Hosur pioneered research in biomolecular NMR, molecular biophysics, and biophysical chemistry. He taught courses at TIFR, IIT Bombay and IIT Roorkee on NMR, mathematics and biophysics. Hosur discovered new structural motifs in quadruplex DNA structures: A-tetrad, T-tetrad and C-tetrad; developed new multidimensional NMR pulse sequences; elucidated the folding hierarchy in HIV-1 protease; developed a novel NMR based theoretical model for using the very autolytic property - considered to be a hindrance for structural studies on proteases, to derive the most valuable information on residue level local unfolding energetics; developed 'scaling techniques' for sensitivity and resolution enhancement and suggested a pH switch mechanism for cargo trafficking by DLC8 protein inside living cells. He also elucidated the native state energy landscape, and structural and dynamic characteristics of SUMO-1 protein along the equilibrium folding pathways and demonstrated that the native contacts do not progress monotonously. Also he elucidated by NMR the self-association pathway of GED domain of dynamin into a large (>5 MDa) assembly. He published over 150 research articles in journals and written and edited several books. He has guided 20 PhD students.

Other Contributions: Hosur was the Convener, National Facility for High Field NMR; a member of DST and DBT Expert Committees and is the Chair, IUPAB National Committee of INSA (2008-11). He is a Council Member of INSA (2008-10); RC Member, IICB, Kolkata; President, Indian Biophysical Society and was the President, New Biology Section of Indian Science Congress (2005). He is a Council Member, Centre for Biomedical Research, Lucknow and a Member of Council of International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems (2004-14).

Awards and Honours: Hosur is the recipient of several awards and honours that include BRUKER Young Scientist Award (1983), INSA Medal for Young Scientists (1984), BD Tilak Lecture (1989), BM Birla Award (1992), 3rd Annual Award of Society for Cancer Research (1998), RK Asundi Memorial Lecture (1998), and Jagdish Shankar Memorial Lecture (2003) (both of Indian National Science Academy) and JC Bose Fellowship (2007-12). He is a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (1994) and National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad (1997).

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