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  Indar Jit Dewan

Name Professor IJ Dewan
(Professor Indar Jit Dewan)
  Gender M
Birth 1912
Specialization Anatomy
  Year of Election 2002  
  Demise 23-07-2006

Indar Jit Dewan obtained his MBBS (1935) and MS (1945) from Punjab KE Medical College, Lahore and PhD (1951) from London University. Dewan served as a Professor of Anatomy in Medical College, Amritsar (1951-62), Principal and Professor of Anatomy at Medical College, Rohtak (1962-70) and Professor of Anatomy & Forensic Medicine (1970-74) as well as Emeritus Professor (1974-till death) at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Research, Chandigarh.

Academic and Research Achievements: Indar Jit Dewan was a teacher of Anatomy since 1944. His outstanding work includes structure and development of sphincters of the gut and structure, and development of the Treitz muscle. He found out the nerve supply of this muscle, which had not been described earlier. He described the development of muscularies submucosae ani and showed that anal valves and ileal bands were present only in man and developed with erect posture. Several of his research papers were devoted to age estimation and sexing of skeletal remains, the latest being on ‘time of fusion of the basi-spheniod with basilar part of the officipal bone’. His studies on ageing and sexing the clavicle are of great importance in forensic work. One of his findings showed that by taking certain X-rays one can find out whether a girl is above or below sixteen years. This finding is being extensively used in cases falling under Section 375 of Indian Panel Code. His studies on brain weight showed that brains of women weighed 100g less than that of men which, in turn, weighed less than that of the Caucasians. He, however, added that weight and intelligence, within limits, do not go together and that even women with smaller brain weight could be more intelligent than men.

Other Contributions: Dr Dewan was a Founder Fellow of National Academy of Medical Science, Past President as well as Member of Anatomical Society of India and a Senior Member of Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Awards and Honours: Dr Dewan was a recipient of BC Roy National Award (1976), Professor Shamer Singh Award of Anatomical Society of India, MAH Sadiqui Oration of KE Medical College, Lucknow (1987) and Professor Khanolkar Oration of National Academy of Medical Sciences.

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