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  Aniruddha Bhalchandra Pandit

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Name Dr AB Pandit
(Dr Aniruddha Bhalchandra Pandit)
FNA ID P09-1488
Address UGC Research Scientist C (Professor's Grade), Chemical Engineering Department, Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai
City Mumbai
Pin Code 400019
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Chemical Engineering, Design of Multiphase Reactors, Bubble Dynamics and Cavitation Phenomena
Service in the Council
Qualification PhD
Membership FASc, FNAE, FNASc
  Award INSA Teachers Award, 2012
Vishwakarma Medal, 2015
  Year of Election 2009  
E-mail abp@udct.org, nanapandit@yahoo.co.uk
Personal Website

Aniruddha B Pandit earned his BTech (1980) from Banaras Hindu University and PhD (Technology) (1984) from the University of Mumbai. He was Associate Lecturer while he was a PhD student in the University Department of Chemical Technology (now University Institute of Chemical Technology, UICT) under the guidance of JB Joshi. Between 1984-90, he was in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge with JF Davidson. After returning to India in 1990, he joined UICT as a UGC Research Scientist 'B' and was subsequently promoted as Scientist 'C' (Professor's Grade) in 1996.

Academic and Research Achievements: While at Cambridge, Pandit worked on bubble break-up and design of multiphase reactors, and developed many novel designs of gas-liquid contactors and also new impeller designs. While at UICT, he initiated a major activity in the area of hydrodynamic cavitation. He has been singularly responsible to propose, promote and apply the phenomena of hydrodynamic cavitation for intensification of physical and chemical processing applications. He successfully exploited the cavitation phenomena for a variety of operations such as crystallization, emulsification, nano-particle synthesis and processes such as esterification, oxidation, etc. His work on microbial cell disruption for water disinfection has been recognized by International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a most probable technique for Ballast Water Treatment among other seven developed by the scientists in Japan, Germany, USA, etc. His unique creative approach of using fundamental knowledge, coupled with simple, elegant experiments has resulted into novel cavitational reactors. He has authored over 200 publications, three books and over 10 chapters. He has five patents to his credit, and has guided 29 PhD students.

Other Contributions: Pandit has been actively involved in many committees related to harnessing solar energy, extending the chemical engineering principles for drying of farm/forest product, and water disinfection for potable water. He is currently involved in setting up of Cavitational Application Centre at UICT to exploit the phenomena of cavitation for physical/chemical/biological transformations. He also served on Editorial boards of several international journals.

Awards and Honours: Professor Pandit received the Outstanding Research Award of the Indian Society of Technical Education (1992), VASVIK Award (1996), IIChE Herdilia Award (2002), Distinguished Alumnus Award by UAA (2008) and Best Teacher Award by UICT on seven occasions in the past 15 years. He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, Indian National Academy of Engineering and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences.

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