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  Kattera Appanna Suresh

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Name Dr KA Suresh
(Dr Kattera Appanna Suresh)
FNA ID P10-1530
Address Honorary Professor, Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Science (CENS), PB No.1329, Prof. UR Rao Road, Jalahalli
City Bengaluru
Pin Code 560013
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Soft Condensed Matter (Physics of Liquid Crystal and Surface Science)
Service in the Council
Qualification PhD
Membership FNASc
  Year of Election 2010  
E-mail suresh@cens.res.in,skattera@yahoo.com
Personal Website

Kattera Appanna Suresh  did  his B.Sc. (1967) at the St. Philomena\'s College, Mysore  and M.Sc. (1969) at the Post Graduate Centre , Manasagangothri, University of Mysore. He joined the Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore (1972) to work in the area of Liquid Crystals under the guidance of Professor S.Chandrasekhar, F.R.S. He was appointed as Scientist at RRI in 1977.  He obtained his PhD degree in the year 1979. He visited the Institute, College de France, Paris (1983) as a Joliot Curie Fellow to do research at the Laboratory Physique de la Matiere Condensee headed by P.G.de Gennes, Nobel Laureate in Physics. Later, he worked as a Research Scientist (1986-87) at Dowell Schlumberger, St. Etienne, France. He moved  over to  Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA as a Visiting Scientist (1987-1989). He returned to RRI (1989) to set up the laboratory  for Light Scattering and Surface Science. He continued at RRI as an Associate Professor (1992), Professor (1997) and Senior Professor (2004). He had collaborative research with many groups and visited their labs as Visiting Professor: Curie Institute, Paris (March-April 1993); Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy (May 1993); Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent, USA (July-August 1996); Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi, Japan (July-August 2003); Department of Physics, Kent State University, Kent, USA (June-December 2004); Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (June-July 2006); Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria (July-August 2010); Wigner Research Centre of Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Budapest (August-September 2012).  In the year 2007, he moved over  to the Centre for Liquid Crystal Research, Bangalore as its Director. The Centre was renamed as Centre for Soft Matter Research (2010) where he continued as Scientist of Eminence (2010-2015). The Centre was again renamed as Centre for Nano and Soft Matter sciences where he continues as Honorary Professor (2015 - ).
Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Suresh has made some significant contributions to the area of Physics of Liquid Crystals and Surface Science. In Liquid Crystals, he discovered new optical diffraction effects in chiral smectic C in the phase grating mode. This has significant impact in optical signal processing. Established using x-ray diffraction technique an uniaxial to biaxial nematic phase transition. In absorbing cholesteric liquid crystals, he demonstrated anomalous transmission at normal incidence and discovered new features in the oblique incidence mode. He is a co-discoverer of the Discotic Liquid Crystal. Based on his x-ray investigations, he proposed a model of the columnar discotic liquid crystal phase with  a two dimensional hexagonal order and a liquid-like order in the third dimension. This work on the Discotic Liquid Crystal led to innumerable investigations by others and became a citation classic. In the area of Surface Science, his contributions include: First demonstration of  the formation of three  dimensional liquid crystal phases at air-water interface. Discovery of novel phase diagram in mixed Langmuir monolayers. Unusual polar head group interactions in monolayers which mimic biological systems. Discovery of fractal structures near critical points in phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers. First measurement of nanoscale electrical conductivity of Langmuir-Blodgett films of discotic-DNA complex by atomic force microscopy, an important work  in organic electronics. Discovery of spiral spatiotemporal patterns arising due to driven molecular precession in a Langmuir monolayer. He has published about   150  papers and has mentored 11  Ph.D. students.
Other contributions: Professor Suresh is the elected President of the Indian Liquid Crystal Society
(2007 ......). He is the Member Secretary of the International Liquid Crystal Society, Kent, OH, USA
(2004 .......). He has also served as a Member/Chairman of Committees on research funding by Department of Science and Technology. He has been a Member of the International Advisory Board, International Scientific Committee of several International and National Conferences. Professor Suresh has been invited to many conferences to deliver keynote addresses, plenary and invited talks.
Awards and Honours: Professor Suresh was awarded the prestigious Joliot Curie Fellowship (1983) to do research at the Laboratory Physique de la Matiere Condensee headed by Pierrie G. de Gennes (Nobel Laureate in Physics 1991) at the College de France, Paris. He is an  elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India,  (1997).

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