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  Avinash Khare

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Name Professor A Khare
(Professor Avinash Khare)
FNA ID P12-1577
Address Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi,
City Delhi
Pin Code 110007
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Plasma Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Critical Phenomenon
Service in the Council
Qualification PhD
Membership NASI, IAS, APS, PSSI, IGU
  Award Homi Bhabha fellowship award, FNASc, FASc
  Year of Election 2012  
E-mail khareavinash82@gmail.com
Personal Website

Avinash Khare (or K. Avinash in publications) obtained B. Sc (Hon) in physics from University of Delhi, M. Sc from APS University Rewa and PhD from Physical Research Lab (PRL) Ahmedabad in the year 1984. He then joined Plasma Physics Program in PRL which later became Institute for Plasma (IPR) in 1986. He worked in IPR till 2003. In between he spent two years (1986-1989) at Culham Lab Oxford University England, and University of California San Diego in 1995. In 2001 he joined the Department of Physics University of Iowa USA and later moved to Columbia University New York in 2004-5. In 2005 he returned to India and joined University of Delhi where he is currently professor.

Academic and Research achievements: In a research career spanning over 33 years (151 papers approx), Prof Khare has made a number of new and important contributions in fields ranging from dusty plasmas, astrophysical scenarios involving plasmas/dust, complex plasmas and soft condensed matter physics, non neutral plasmas, fusion plasmas, plasma propulsion, ultra cold neutral plasmas, structure formation and other non linear processes in helio-sheath and IST, transport of interstellar grains, Non-Archimedean algebra and its application to cosmology, gravitation and computers. In the field of dusty plasmas his major findings include, a theory of critical point and phase coexistence, extensive studies of linear and nonlinear propagation of waves and pulses in plasma crystal lattices, the ideas of plasma engine and heat pump, a theory of equilibrium and collapse of dust clouds and mass limit and a hydrodynamic theory of void formation. He also predicted the idea of Electrostatic pressure (ES) in complex plasmas which was later verified in experiments. In the field plasma thruster he proposed the idea of dust thruster. In the field of Non neutral plasmas his major finding are the toroidal equilibrium with and without external fields which was later verified in experiments. In fusion plasma his major findings are a theory of ideal internal kinks, and the idea of generalized helicity invariants. In the area of Heliosperic plasma he has studied the transport of interstellar grains into the heliosheath to interpret the contamination of the cosmic microwave background by the infrared radiation from the grains within the heliosheath. In the area of mathematics he proposed a new algebra, i.e. the algebra of Non-Archimedean numbers and applied it to gravitation and special relativity and showed that the red shift can arise in a static universe. It was also proposed as solution of the problems of floating point over or under flow errors in numerical computation.

Awards and Honors:

Prof Khare is a Fellow, Indian National Science Academy (NASI), Allahabad, Indian Academy of Sciences, Banglore, and the recipient of the Homi Bhabha Fellowship award (1993-95), He was President, Plasma Science Society of India (2010-2012) and the Vice-President from 2000 to 2002. He is Chairman, International advisory Committee (IAC) of the International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas (ICPDP). He is a Member of the  organizing committees of COSPAR, International conference in Plasma Physics (ICPP), International program committee Asia Pacific Fusion Association conference, International advisory committee Plasma College, AS International center of theoretical Physics, Trieste Italy, He has been the Associate Editor, Journal of Plasma Physics (Cambridge, U.K.) and on the Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Physics, A & B (1998-2002),). He has been Associate of ICTP (1996- 2000) and IUCAA, Pune (2006-2008).

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