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1. Periodicity: All Academy Medals/Prizes/Lectures will be awarded once in three years. If in a year, a particular award is not offered to anybody, the same will again be announced in the ensuing year. However, in order to maintain the three year periodicity, the next award will be announced after a gap of two years..

2. Eligibility: a) A person shall not be eligible for more than two awards excluding the General Medals, International Medals and Medals related to Young Scientists.

b) A nominee will be considered only for one award. Multiple nominations of one person will not be acceptable.

c) Self-nomination for awards will not be permitted/encouraged.

d) A nomination can be made only after completion of five years from the date of commencement of the Fellowship.

e) A nominee, who has already received one award, will be considered for the second one only after a gap of five years.

The selection for General Medals which are given for outstanding contributions in any branch of science coming within the purview of the Academy, may be made from distinguished scientists in recognition of their service to the Academy or to science.

The selection for Subjectwise Medals/Lectures should be made from persons who have made outstanding contributions to the discipline of science for which the awards are allocated.

The awards shall normally be given to Fellows. In exceptional circumstances, and in certain areas where nominees are likely to be from a broader base, they may be awarded to non-Fellows.

3. Presentation of award and delivery of lecture : The presentation of the award will be made to each recipient after he/she delivers the award lecture. The lecture will be arranged under the aegis of INSA Local Chapter unless otherwise stated. The summary of the award lecture will be included in INSA News and the full text in Proceedings of the Academy.

TA/DA will be paid to the Awardee for delivering the award Lecture.

4. Specification of the Medal: The specifications of the Medal (Copper Medal, Gold/Silver plated or the Bronze medal as the case may be) will be as follows:

6.35 cm in diameter
About 114 grams

Obverse:Name of the Medal and the Recipient in Devanagari characters
Year of the Award (in International Numerals)

Reverse:Seal of the Academy


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