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Indian National Commission for History of Science

Aims and Objectives

  1. Collection and documentation of source materials pertaining to the different areas of History of Science.

  2. Critical evaluation and translation of relevant ancient manuscripts on Science.

  3. Organization of Seminars and workshops on themes related to History of Science.


Membership 2021

  Chandrima Shaha, President (Chair)
D Balasubramanian (Vice-Chair)
V Chandrasekhar, Vice-President
Subrata Sinha, Vice-President
Soumitro Banerjee
AR Choudhuri
Michel Danino (Gandhinagar)
Ajoy Ghatak (Delhi)
Anil Kumar
Nibir Mandal
P Ram Manohar (Kollam)
K Ramasubramanian
Smritikumar Sarkar (Kolkata)
BS Shylaja (Bengaluru)
MS Sriram (Chennai)


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