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1. Invitation for Nomination: A circular letter drawing attention of the Fellows of the Academy, to the last date on which nominations for Fellowship should reach the Office of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, shall be issued in the first week of September every year.

2. Certification of Nominations: Every nominee shall be proposed and recommended by a certificate in writing signed by two Fellows. Of these, at least one shall certify from personal knowledge of  the scientific attainments of  the candidates. Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs), on receiving a written request from a Fellow not residing in India but competent to certify recommendation for a particular discipline, shall have the power to sign a certificate on behalf of the Fellow.

The nominating paper shall specify the name, date of  birth, field of specialization, designation, address (both official and residential), academic and professional attainments of the nominee in a form prescribed by the Academy and shall include a brief statement as well as a detailed critical analysis highlighting the most important research contributions of the nominee. The proposer must also send a separate list of up to ten most important publications of  the nominee, and pdf  of  up to five best papers, a 50 word citation highlighting the work of the scientist which justifies the claim to the Fellowship, a complete list of publications and a set of reprints of publications along with the Nomination Form. Nominations not complete in all respects and not accompanied by the above two lists of publications and a set of reprints, shall not be valid for consideration.

The proposer should ensure that the critical information required in the form is complete. The nominee should not send any information directly to the Academy.

The proposer shall send the nomination paper to such other Fellow for his support who, in his opinion, will second the nominee. The nomination paper should be transmitted by one Fellow to another directly. After both the Fellows have affixed their signatures and also given their own remarks on the nominee’s suitability, the nomination paper shall be forwarded to the Executive Director during working hours so as to reach him not later than October 15. In case October 15 happens to be a Sunday, or a holiday the next working day will be the last valid date for receipt of  nominations in the Academy. The particulars of  the nomination paper shall be recorded with the date of receipt in a book to be kept for the purpose which will be read at the next meeting of the Council.

3. Communication of Nominations: All communications in respect of the nomination shall be carried on with the proposer or the seconder. However for the purpose of updating information regarding the scientific achievements and publications, the Academy may correspond with nominee directly.

4. List of  Nominees: At the meeting of the Council at the time of the Anniversary General Meeting, a list of all persons whose nomination papers are valid in accordance with the provision of Regulation 6, shall be prepared according to the disciplines of the Sectional Committees without any reference to the dates of their nomination. The Council shall consider and send the list of eligible nominees to the concerned Sectional Committees for expression of opinion on the list of nominees referred to them. However, the nomination papers of any person for election on the basis of his work in any discipline not coming within the purview of any of existing Sectional Committees shall be considered by the Council at the time of selecting the persons for Fellowship without necessarily being referred to any Sectional Committee for its recommendations.

5. Book of  Nominations: Not later than March 1, a list of  nominees arranged in alphabetical order, together with brief  statements of  their most significant research achievements along with a list of ten best papers, names of Fellows who have proposed and seconded them and the year in which the nominations were considered for the first time and the year of the birth of each nominee shall be uploaded on the web and the fellowship be informed accordingly.

Fellows may make such observations/comments as they may wish to, on the suitability or otherwise of the candidates included in the Book of Nominations and communicate to the Convener of the concerned Sectional Committee. The Conveners shall write by March 1 to all Fellows whose specializations belong to their Committee requesting them to send in additional infor mation about the scientific attainments of  the candidates under consideration for election to Fellowship. The observations/comments received from the Fellows shall be placed before the Sectional Committee.

6. Validity of Nomination: A nomination shall remain valid for a period of five years unless the proposer or seconder of  the nomination withdraws it before October 15 immediately preceding an election.

7. Selection by Sectional Committees: The Executive Director shall circulate by March 1 to the members of the Sectional Committees the list of the persons proposed for election from the respective Sections, with a statement showing the research work (as given in the nomination papers) of the individual nominee and shall request the members to send their recommendations along with reasons for the same to the Conveners of the respective Sectional Committees at least a fortnight before the meeting of the Sectional Committees.

Guidelines for Sectional Committees:

I.    The primary criterian for election to the Fellowship will be scientific and technological achievements of the nominee (e.g. contributions to new knowledge, new discoveries, development of new technologies, substantial improvement in existing technologies etc.) as evidenced by publications, patents, authenticated scientific reports which could not be published and the economic impact of his/her work.

II.  The work done in India should be given primary importance. Sectional Committees should not consider the nomination of those scientists who are abroad on a long term basis. They should be considered only when they are back in India and have made notable contributions to science in India.

III. The election should be recommended for the work done in the entire career of the scientist. Work done well before the nomination is proposed should also be given due consideration.

IV.  The Conveners of the Sectional Committees should make all efforts to obtain reports from Fellowship/ experts of the Academy.

V.   The Sectional Committee is charged with the responsibility of studying the work of the nominees by consulting fellows/experts in the area of specialization of the nominee, where necessary. The use of bibliometric data in the selection process should be discouraged.

VI. All the new nominations received in an year will be considered by the Committee of Conveners. If the Conveners change the assignment to a Sectional Committee which is not suggested as an alternate committee, the consent of the proposer should be taken and the change should be effected only if the consent is received. No change of Sectional Committee will be considered thereafter.

The Executive Director shall call two meetings of the Sectional Committees, in April/May and in August, on the dates as may be decided by the Council in the calendar of meetings, to consider these recommendations.

Two meetings of the Sectional Committees

a)   There will be two meetings of the Sectional Committees each year; the first one will be held in April/May and the second meeting will be in the month of August prior to the Council meets.

b)   At the first meeting, the Sectional Committees will shortlist the nominations to a maximum of ten. The Conveners will make all efforts to procure the opinion of the fellowship about the nominees. The opinions received by the Conveners should be thoroughly discussed at the meeting.

c)   The Sectional Committees may identify a minimum of five experts for each of the above shortlisted ten names who may be contacted for obtaining specific information about the nominee. The national experts, may be restricted to INSA Fellows only. These short-listed names are to be informed to the members of the Council also.

(d)  At the second meeting of the Sectional Committees, the opinion of experts (on each nominee) will be placed on the table and will be critically discussed. The Committee will then make a final list of up to five names, in alphabetical order, for the consideration of the Council. The Committee shall also bring out clearly for each recommended nominee the reason for its recommendation, by highlighting the importance of the scientific contributions of the concerned nominee.

The reports of the Sectional Committees will be forwarded to the Vice- President (Fellowship Affairs) by the Conveners.

Election of Fellows in New Category

The nominations for the election of Fellows in the following three disciplines, not covered under the regular subject areas of present sectional committees, will be considered by a search committee duly constituted for this purpose by the Council:

i) Scientists working in Technology Missions of National importance (such as Space)

ii) Scholars in History and Philosophy of Science

iii) Social Sciences – Economics. Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Political Sciences etc

8. Selection by the Council: At the meeting of the Council to be held normally in August the Council will consider recommendations made by each Sectional Committee and search committee (for the election of Fellows in the new category not covered under the regular subject areas of present sectional committees) and shall then select a number not exceeding forty (including scientists in new categories) to be recommended to the Fellows of the Academy for election.

The opinion of experts and any other material placed on the table in the second meeting will be made available to the Council at its August Meeting.

9.Selection from Sections: It shall not be obligatory for the Council to recommend a certain fixed number of persons for elections to Fellowship from each of the 12 Sections. The Council shall be free to recommend a larger number for any Section if there are more deserving persons in that Section and also not to recommend for any Section if, in the opinion of the Council, none is fit for election.

10.Communication of  the Selected Names to Fellows: Soon after selection by the Council, a circular-letter shall be sent to every Fellow as a voting paper enclosing a list of the selected persons with space for such alterations as any Fellow may decide to make in pursuance of Regulation 12.

11.Date of  Election: The election of  Fellows not included in the class referred to in Regulation 7 shall take place at the Statutory Meeting of the Council in October.

12.Election Procedure: Each Fellow shall forward to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) the voting paper mentioned in Regulation 10, (i) having marked a cross for the names of those he wishes to be elected, (ii) having scored out the names of any person(s) for whom he does not vote and (iii) having scored out the names of any person(s) for whom he does not vote and having substituted the name of any other person(s) contained in the list sent in pursuance of Regulations, if he so desires. No voting paper shall be valid if, (i) it contains more names than the number of names accepted by the Council, (ii) it is signed or (iii) it is not enclosed in a sealed envelope and forwarded to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) in an outer envelope with a covering letter signed by the Fellow so as to reach the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) by the date prescribed.

13. Appointment of Scrutineers: Two scrutineers shall be nominated by the President for counting the votes.

14. Declaration of Election Results: The scrutineers, after examining the voting papers, shall report to the President the number of votes received by each candidate. The President shall at the meeting of the Council to be held in October, duly declare the names of the candidates who have been elected. In the case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote. The result of election shall be notified on the web. This election, however, shall be effective from January 1 of the following year.

15. Re-nomination: On the expiry of the validity of the nomination, a re- nomination can be made afresh only after a gap of two years. The fresh nomination shall be submitted as prescribed in Regulation 2.

16. Nomination for Special Election: In accordance with Rule 6 (e), the Council may recommend names for election as Fellow/s otherwise than that provided under paras 1 to 15 of these Regulations. The persons so recommended shall be selected by the Council by ballot provided always that no person shall be so recommended unless he obtains two- thirds of the votes of the Members of the Council present and that the total number of votes registered in his favour are not less than seven.

17. Special Election: At the Ordinary General Meeting of the Academy, immediately following the Meeting of the Council at which the selection of persons to be elected under Regulation 16 is made, the person(s) nominated shall be proposed for election by means of a certificate prepared by the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs). This certificate shall explicitly specify the basis of nomination for special election. Such certificate shall remain with the Academy until the day on which a ballot is taken on it. The name of the person so proposed shall be posted to each fellow for voting by a date given on the ballot paper. The result of the ballot shall be ascertained at the next meeting of the Council after the close of the ballot, following the procedure of Regulations 12 to 14.

18. Subscription: An admission fee of Rs 500/- and one time Fellowship subscription of Rs 2000/- shall be due on election.


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