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1. Local Chapters are established for regions at places where five or more Fellows of the Academy reside. In exceptional cases, if the number is less but the Local Fellows desire a Local Chapter, their request may be examined by the President, for decision.

2. All Fellows of the Academy shall be affiliated to one of the Local Chapters.

3. The Local Chapters should give their views on various matters affecting the scientific policy in the country. These should include suggestions like social impact of science, planning in science and technology and liaison with Local Academies and learned bodies to bring fruitful participation between these bodies and the Indian National Science Academy. The Chapters should comment on special problem of local interest which could be analysed scientifically. For this purpose, special committees with appropriate experts be formed within the Chapter. Some Fellows, particularly those with many years of experience in science management, can be requested to make themselves responsible for compiling reports on such issues. The reports should be sent to the Academy so that the Academy may prepare a consolidated version of the various reports for consideration by the Council. The Council should then publicise its views and thereby make itself felt as an important organ of the society.

4. Local Chapters should encourage young scientists to participate in scientific activities.

5. All Local Chapters should make efforts to strengthen scientific activities. They should organize at least two scientific programmes in a year dealing mainly with the advancement of science and the popularization of  science. All Fellows attached to a Local Chapter should make efforts to attend meetings of the Chapter which may be held at the Headquarters or elsewhere at which among other things, nominations could also be made for the various endowment lectures of the Academy.

6. (a) Return I Class/II AC rail fare will be admissible to all outstation Fellows attending the meetings of Local Chapters.

(b) For local Fellows the expenditure incurred on transportation, including taxi fare, will be reimbursed.

7. In every meeting of the Local Chapter, a Chairman should be elected.

8. Every Local Chapter should suggest the name of a Fellow for appointment as Convener of that Local Chapter by the Council. The term of the Convener will be three years.

The Conveners of Local Chapters should be requested to call their first meeting in April to draw as detailed a programme as possible giving the dates of various activities proposed which could be circulated to the Fellowship and also published in the INSA News.

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