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Rules of INSA

The Society shall be called the Indian National Science Academy.
The main objectives of the Indian National Science Academy are:

(a) Promotion of scientific knowledge in India including its practical application to problems of national welfare.

(b) Coordination among Scientific Academies, Societies, Institutions, Government Scientific Departments and Services.

(c) To act as a body of scientists of eminence for the promotion and safeguarding of the interests of scientists in India and to present internationally the scientific work done in the country.

(d) To act through properly constituted National Committees, in which other learned academies and societies may be associated, for undertaking scientific work of national and international importance which the Academy may be called upon to perform by the public and by the Government.

(e) To publish such proceedings, journals, memoirs and other publications as may be found desirable.

(f) To promote and maintain liaison between Science and Humanities.

(g) To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of Science.

(h) To perform all other acts that may assist in, or be necessary for the fulfilment of the above mentioned objectives of the Academy.
The Academy shall consist of Fellows and Foreign Fellows.

(a) Fellows: those who are elected according to rules of election and admission of Fellows.

(b) Foreign Fellows: those who shall be persons eminent for their knowledge of, or contributions to science, or the welfare thereof, and domiciled outside the territorial limits of India, who have in some way contributed or can contribute to the progress of science in the country. Persons of all countries other than India shall be eligible for the Foreign Fellowship of the Academy.


The administration, direction and management of the affairs of the Academy shall be entrusted to a Council composed of the Board of Officers of the Academy, namely, a President and six Vice- Presidents and 20 other Fellows making a total of 27. The Vice- Presidents will have collective as well as independent responsibilities and they will be designated as: Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs); Vice-President (Science Promotion); Vice-President (Resource Management); Vice-President (International Affairs); Vice- President (Publications/Informatics) and Vice-President (Science and Society). In addition, there shall be a provision for Additional Members of the Council, one each to be nominated by the cooperating Academies i.e., the Asiatic Society, Kolkata; the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, and the Indian Science Congress Association from amongst the Fellows of the Academy. Further, there shall be a provision for the Government of India to nominate, from amongst the Fellows of the Academy, their representative on the Council as an additional member.

No Council member can hold more than one Office at a time except in circumstances relating to interim vacancies stated in rule 28.

The election of Fellows shall be governed by Regulations framed by the Council, but these Regulations shall provide for the following points, from which a departure can be made only after reference to all the Fellows of the Academy:

(a) Eligibility for election to the Fellowship shall be restricted to Indian citizens.

(b) The number of Fellows elected shall be limited to 40 annually, till such time as the total number of living Fellows reaches 1000.

(c) Each nominee shall be proposed, seconded by two Fellows on a form prescribed for the purpose. Of these, atleast one shall certify from personal knowledge of his/her scientific attainments. The Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall have the power to sign a certificate on behalf of a Fellow not resident in India on receiving written request from him/her.

(d) The selection from the total list of the nominees proposed to the Academy shall be made by the Council from amongst those recommended by Sectional Committees, following a prescribed set of regulations framed by the Council for this purpose. The election shall be conducted by postal ballots, papers for which will be sent to every Fellow, as per the Regulations framed by the Council.

(e) Persons who, in the opinion of the Council, have either rendered conspicuous service to the cause of science or whose election would be of signal benefit to the Academy could also be elected to the Fellowship provided that not more than two persons shall be so elected in any year, and that if two persons be elected in any year, there shall be no selection under this category in the following year.

The Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall send a written announcement of the election to the persons who have been duly elected, and shall therewith send (i) the Obligation Form to be signed and (ii) a copy of current Rules and Regulations.

An admission fee and Fellowship subscription shall be due on election from the persons elected as Fellows. If the admission fee and Fellowship subscription are not paid within two months of the intimation of his/her election as Fellow, such election shall become inoperative. Provided that, the Council shall have power to reinstate him/her with full privileges after the admission fee and Fellowship subscription have been paid within a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of his/her election. In the case of a Fellow elected under the provisions of Rule 6(e), the Council may, at its discretion waive off payment of admission fee and Fellowship subscription.

No person, although duly elected according to the Rules and Regulations of the Academy, shall be entitled to exercise the rights and privileges of Fellowship, nor shall his/her name be entered in the list of Fellows, until he/she has paid admission fee and Fellowship subscription and until he/she has signed and returned the Obligation Form.

Effective Fellowship shall commence after the payment of the admission fee and Fellowship subscription and the signature of the Obligation Form and shall be equivalent to the expression of a direct acquiescence to the Rules and Regulations of the Academy then in existence, and of an undertaking to be bound by them and by Rules and Regulations as may thereafter be passed, as hereinafter provided.

Every new Fellow who has paid the admission fee and Fellowship subscription, and has returned the Obligation Form, duly signed and addressed to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall, at the first General Meeting which he/she attends, be presented by a Fellow to the Chairperson who addressing him/her by name shall say, 'In the name and by the authority of the Indian National Science Academy, I admit you a Fellow thereof', and will present him/her with diploma in a form prescribed by the Council certifying his/her election to the Academy, after which the Fellow shall subscribe to a duplicate of the aforesaid Obligation in a book to be kept for the purpose.



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