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Rules of INSA


Every person elected a Fellow of the Academy shall, before his/her admission, subscribe to the Obligation in the following words:

As a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy I shall follow the code of scientific ethics, maintain integrity in research and publications, uphold the cause of science and the dignity of the Academy, endeavour to be objective in my judgement and strive for the enrichment of human values and thoughts.

The procedure of electing Foreign Fellows shall be as prescribed in the Regulations framed by the Council from time to time but the number shall be limited to 150 and not more than six will be elected each year. No admission fee or Fellowship subscription shall be due from Foreign Fellows.
Fellows shall be entitled to the following rights and privileges:-.
(a) To be present and vote at all General Meetings.

(b) To propose and recommend nominees for Fellowship.

(c) To propose persons for the awards of the Academy.

(d) To have personal access to the Library of the Academy.

(e) To take out books, plates, drawings, manuscripts, etc., from the Library, subject to such Regulations as may be prescribed by the Council.

(f) To receive gratis any one of the three journals viz., Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) and Indian Journal of History of Science (IJHS). In addition, memoirs of INSA Fellows and copies of such other INSA publications as the Council may decide from time to time and, subject to the direction of the Council, to purchase, at a reduced price any of the Academy’s publications.

Fellows living outside the territorial limits of India shall be entitled to the privileges contained in clauses (a), (b), (c), (d) and (f) of the preceding Rule and to serve on any committee appointed by the Council but they shall not be entitled to vote except on such committee.

Foreign Fellows shall be entitled to the privileges contained in Clause (a), (d) and (f) of Rule 14 and to serve on any Committee appointed by the Council but they shall not be entitled to vote except on such Committee.

Any Fellow may withdraw from the Academy by signifying his wish to do so, by a letter addressed to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs).

A letter of withdrawal may be cancelled by the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) at the request of the sender within six months of its receipt, and he/she shall thereupon recover all rights of Fellowship. The Council shall have power to waive, in special cases, the limit of six months specified above.

Any Fellow who ceases to be a Fellow of the Academy, either by voluntary withdrawal or by forefeiture of his/her Fellowship, shall continue to be liable for payment of sums (if any) due from him/ her to the Academy and shall return all books, material or other property (if any) borrowed by him/her from the Academy, or shall make full compensation if lost, damaged, or not forthcoming.

Fellows who have withdrawn from the Academy shall be eligible for re-election according to Rule 6. If re-elected, only the admission fee shall be due from them.

If any Fellow of the Academy shall wilfully disobey Rules or Orders of the Academy or Council, or shall commit wilful breach of order at any of the General Meetings, or having unwittingly committed, shall persist in any disobedience or breach of order, after being admonished by the President, or if for any other reasons it shall appear to the Council that the name of a Fellow should not remain on the rolls, he/she shall be liable to be removed from the Academy. Whenever there shall appear cause as aforesaid, for the removal of a Fellow from the Academy, if a majority of the Council shall, after due deliberation determine by ballot, to propose to the Academy the removal of the said Fellow, the President shall, at any General Meeting of the Academy, announce from the Chair such determination of the Council, and at the next meeting after that at which the said announcement has been made, the proposition shall be submitted to ballot. If three-fourth of the Fellows present and voting at such General Meeting vote for the removal of such Fellow, he/she shall be removed from the Academy.

Fellow removed under the operation of Rule 21 shall not be eligible for renomination without the Council’s approval.

The demise of a Fellow/Foreign Fellow of the Academy shall be recorded and announced from the Chair at the next General Meeting of the Academy.



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