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Rules of INSA


The votes of Fellows shall be taken by ballot papers (transmitted to them by the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs)) in any of the following cases:-

(a) When the Council at their discretion consider it in the interest of the Academy that an appeal should be made from the decision of a General Meeting to all Fellows of the Academy.

(b) When ten or more Fellows sign a requisition, calling upon the President to make such an appeal.

(c) Proposals requiring major changes in respect of Finances, Organization, Alteration of Rules and Objectives of the Academy or any other major item which in the opinion of the Council requires reference to all the Fellows of the Academy.

Before circulating any question coming under Rule 53 for the votes of all the Fellows of the Academy, the Council shall cause to be sent to every Fellow atleast two weeks before the General Meeting at which such question is to be proposed, a printed circular in which shall be set forth the nature of the proposal and the reason for it, in order that it may be duly discussed at such General Meeting. A statement of any objection that may be raised at the Meeting against the proposal shall be circulated with the ballot papers.


Any question referred to the votes of  all  the Fellows of the Academy shall be brought before the General Meeting after a period of thirty days from the issue of the ballot papers for the return of votes. The Chairperson shall proceed to get the votes examined and counted and report the result.




No person appointed as a salaried employee in the INSA Secretariat shall have the privilege of voting. If any Fellow be appointed to any such office, he/she shall not be entitled to vote at the meeting of the Academy as long as he/she continues to hold it but shall not be deprived of his/her other privileges of Fellowship.

The Executive Director shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Academy, of its General Meetings and of the Meetings of the Council, as shall be, from time to time, prescribed by the Council. All Fellows shall be entitled to inspect record of General Meetings.

All letters, notices, minutes of meetings, and other documents connected with the business of the Academy shall be filed in the order of their dates, and shall be preserved.

When the introduction of any new, or the alteration or repeal of any existing Rule, is recommended by the Council, or proposed by ten or more Fellows, the Council shall cause to be sent to every Fellow of the Academy entitled to vote, a statement of the proposed changes and the reasons for them, with a view to the votes of the General Body of Fellows being taken as directed in Rule 55. Provided always that no change in the Rule shall be valid unless a majority of the two-thirds of the Fellows who have voted shall be in favour of the proposed changes.

These Rules took effect from the date of conclusion of Anniversary General Meeting held in December, 1999. All previous Rules are hereby rescinded as from that date. The old rules will, however, be available in the archives of the Academy for reference.


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