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Organisation Of International/National Conferences, Symposia, Seminars, Winter/Summer Schools In India

Organized by the Academy:

In case of an event solely organised by the Academy, INSA would undertake full responsibility for organisation of seminar.


International Conferences, Symposia sponsored by ICSU:

The proposals for holding General Assemblies, International Conferences or Symposia, etc. emanating from the National Committees of the various International Scientific Unions get due consideration. Such conferences have the sponsorship of the International Scientific Union/ Committees on the subject concerned. These proposals should have the approval of the ICSU National Committee of the Academy. The topics of deliberations should be of purely scientific importance. The proposals for these conferences must be received about four months in advance of the actual date of the conference, for consideration of grant.


Partial Financial Assistance for holding National/International Conference/Seminar in India:
The Academy also provides partial financial support of Rs. 50,000/- (maximum) for International conferences/symposia/seminars/summer/winter schools.

Proposals are received by th Academy throughout the year but their selection is done on Quarterly basis.


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