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A Summit of the South Asian Academies is being organized by the Indian National Science Academy at the INSA premises during 6-9 September, 2012.

Representatives of the following academies, in addition to INSA, will participate in this summit.

(1) Afghanistan Academy of Sciences
(2) African Academy of Sciences
(3) Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
(4) Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran
(5) The Mauritius Academy of Science & Technology
(6) Nepal Academy of Science & Technology
(7) Pakistan Academy of Sciences
(8) The National Academy of Sciences, Sri Lanka

Official S&T functionaries in Bhutan, Maldives and Myanmar have also been invited and it is hoped that they too will join us.

The deliberations will be focused on the following subjects:

(i) Energy options for South Asian countries;
(ii) Infectious Diseases: A continuous challenge in the region;
(iii) Strengthening Science Education;
(iv) Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing KnowledgeEconomies, and
(v) Science and Society Issues: Urbanization and Climate Change.

The following are attached:
a) Summit of Programme
b) Text of Minister’s Speech
c) DELHI DECLARATION of Summit of South Asian Academies


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