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About History of Science

Started as History of Science Board at the Asiatic Society, Kolkata in the year 1960 under the Chairmanship of late Prof. A C Ukil, with an aim to reconstruct Indian Scientific Heritage, the History of Science Division of the Academy has come since a long way. Enlarged in 1965 into a Commission for compilation of History of Science in India, the Board was renamed in 1989 as “Indian National Commission for History of Science”. The 15 members of the Commission has been the doyens in their respective fields of Indian Sciences, History, Culture, Medicine, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Archaeology and other allied subjects. It is empowered to sanction projects on the recommendations of “Research Council” besides providing guidance to international activities in the History of Science.

In order to further the new and emerging ideas in this branch of learning, the Indian National Commission for History of Science also publishes a quarterly journal “Indian Journal of History of Science” which is only of its kind of journal in India and is currently running in its 57th volume starting since 1966. Being a refereed and acclaimed journal, contributors both National and Foreign keep sending their researched articles/papers for publication which get world-wide exposure and acclaim. Since 2021, the journal is being co-published with Springer.

Indian National Commission for History of Science

Aims and Objectives
Collection and documentation of source materials pertaining to the different areas of History of Science.

Critical evaluation and translation of relevant ancient manuscripts on Science.

Organization of Seminars and workshops on themes related to History of Science.

Membership 2023
National Commission for History of Science

Professor Ashutosh Sharma, President, INSA,(Chair)
Professor D Balasubramanian (Vice-Chair)
Professor Sanjay Puri, Vice-President (Resource Management)
Professor SR Wadia (Science Promotion)
Professor RN Iyengar
Professor Ajoy Ghatak
Professor Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
Professor SC Roy
Professor Samir Kr Saha
Professor Vibha Tripathi
Professor Amitabha Ghosh
Professor K Ramasubramanian
Professor Arnab Rai Choudhuri
Professor KC Malhotra
Professor MS Sriram

Membership 2023

Professor D Balasubramanian, (Chair)
Professor K Ramasubramanian
Professor G Parthasarthy
Professor Smritikumar Sarkar
Professor RR Rao
Professor Ishrat Alam
Professor P Ram Manohar
Professor K Krishnan
Professor Sreekumar Nellickappilly,
Professor Vidita Ashok Vaidya
Professor V Ramanathan
Professor JN Sinha

Approved Research Projects


National Commission
Ancient Period
P. Ray & Gupta, Caraka Samhita: A Scientific Synopsis, 1961-63. Published by INSA, 1965. Reprinted 1980.
S.N. Sen, A.K. Bag & S. R. Sarma, A Bibliography of Sanskrit Works on Astronomy and Mathematics, 1961-64. Published by INSA, 1966.
H.D. Sankalia, Some Aspects of Prehistoric Technology in India, 1968-69. Published by INSA, New Delhi, 1970.
P.Ray H.N. Gupta & Mira Roy, Susruta Samhita: A Scientific Synopsis, 1969-71. Published by INSA, 1980. Reprinted 1993.
Bina Chatterjee, Sisyadhivrddhidatantra  of Lalla (critical edition with Commentary of Mallikarjuna Suri), 1969-71. Published by INSA, 1981.
Bina Chatterjee, Sisyadhivrddhidatantra of Lalla (English translation with mathematical notes.) 1969-71. Published by INSA, 1981.
S.N. Sen & A.K. Bag, The Sulba-Sutras of Baudhayana, Apastamba, Katyayana and Manava (with English translation and commentary), 1969-71. Published by INSA, 1983.
S.N. Sen & Mamata Chaudhuri, Ancient glass in India, 1968-71. Published by INSA, 1985.
K.V. Sarma, Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata (critical edition with English translation and notes), 1974-76. Published by INSA, 1976, on the occasion of the 1500th Brith Anniversary Celebration of Aryabhata.
K.V. Sarma, Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata (with commentary of Suryadeva Yajvan, critical edition), 1974-76. Published by INSA, 1976,on the occasion of the 1500th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Aryabhata.
K.S. Shukla, Aryabhata of Aryabhata (with commentary of Bhaskara I and Somesvara, critical edition), 1974-76. Published by INSA, 1976,on the occasion of the 1500th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Aryabhata.
R.N. Rai, Aryabhatiya (with Hindi translation and notes), 1975-76. Published by INSA, 1976, on the occasion of the 1500th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Aryabhata.
K.S. Shukla, Vatesvara Siddhanta, Sankrit Text (Vol.I), 1980-83. Published by INSA, 1986.
K.S. Shukla, Vatesvara Siddhanta, English translation with notes (Vol.II), 1980-83. Published by INSA, 1986.
A.N. Singh & R.S. Singh, “A Critical Study of Flora of Kautilya Arthasastra,” 1980-83. A.N. Singh obtained PhD on the project from the Department of Rasashastra, Institute of Medical Science, Banaras Hindu University.
S.D.A. Joga Rao & S. Ramaiah, “Interaction between Science and Society in Acient India with special reference to Caraka and Susruta Samhita,” 1980-83. S.D.A. Joga Rao obtained PhD on the project from the Department of Philosophy, Andhra University.
George Abraham & T.S. Kuppanna Sastry,” Relation of Babylonian and Indian Mathmethical,” 1980-82. Report submitted.
Mamata Chandhuri & H.C. Hazra,” Scientific Information in Puranas,” 1980-83. Report submitted.
S. Sundra Rajan, “ Bibliography of Snakrit Works in Biological Sciences,” 1980-82. Discontinued.
K.V. Sarma, “ A Critical Edition and Study of Brhat Samhita of Varahamihira with the commentary Utpala Parimala of Yogi,” 1980-83. Report submitted.
V.D. Vyas & R.S. Singh, “ Acritical Study of Flora in Astadhyayi of Panini,” 1980-83. V.D. Vyas obtained PhD on the project from the Department of Rasashastra, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University.
A.S. Ramanathan, “Weather Science from the vedic Period upto 12th Century,” 1983-86. Report submitted. Following publications appeared in the IJHS:

(i)  “Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India I : The Yajna Concept of the
Aryans,” 21.1 (1986) 7-14.
(ii)  “Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India II : Indra in Rgveda,” 21.1 (1986) 15-21.
(iii) “Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India III : A Conceptual Model of the Rainfall Process (Vedic period),” 22.1 (1987) 1-6.
(iv)“Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India IV : A Conceptual Model of the
Rainfall Process (Post Vedic Period),” 22.1 (1987)7-14.
(v) “Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India V : Principles of Forecasting Rainfall in Ancient India (Long Rang),” 22.3 (1987)175-90.
(vi)“Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India VI : Principles of Forecasting Rainfall in Ancient India (Short and Medium Range),” 22.3 (1987) 191-97.
(vii) “Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India VII: A Scientific Assessment of the Rules of Rainfall Forecasting Practiced in Ancient India,” 22.3 (1987) 198-204.
(viii) “Contribution to Weather Science in Ancient India VIII: Observation and Measurement of Meteorological Parameters in Ancient India,” 22.4 (1987) 277-85.
Srinarayan Tiwari & R.S. Singh, “ A Critical Study of Flora and other Botanical Notices in the Vedic Period, “ 1983-86. Report submitted.
Santosh Saran & H.C. Bhardwaj, “ Science and Technology during Gupta Period,” 1983-86. Santosh obtained PhD on the project from the Department of Ancient History, Culture & Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University. Report Published.
G.N. Chaturvedi,” A Critical study of Madhava Nidana,”  1983-84. Discontinued due to the demise of the investigator.
P.V. Sharma, “A Critical Edition with a commentary of Cakradatta – Ratnaprabha:  Cakrapani’s Works on Medicine,” 1983-86. Report published by Jay Ramdas Trust, Jaipur, 1993.
A.N. Singh & R.S. Singh, “Dye and Dye Plants in India (based on Sankrit Sources),” 1983-86. Report not submitted.
L.C. Jain, “Labdhisara of Nemicandra Siddhanta Cakravarti,”  1984-86 Report submitted. Published part I, by the SSMK Jain Trust, Katni M.P. 1994.
T.S. Kuppanna Sastry, “ Text with English translation and notes of Vedanga Jyotisa of Lagadha in its Rk and Yajus Recensions,” 1984-85. Published by INSA, 1985.
R.C. Gupta,” Transmission of Scientific Ideas (Mathmethics/Astronomy) in India and Abroad during Ancient Time,” 1985-88. Report not submitted.

R.S. Singh, “A Critical Edition of Dhanvantari Nighantu,”  1985-88 Discontinued.
N.R. Banerjee, “A Survey of Metals and Metallurgy in India,” 1986-88 Discontinued.
B.V. Subbarayappa, “ Rasahrdaya Tantra, critical with English translation, “1986-88. Report published in the IJHS 32. 1-2 (1997) supplement.
B.V. Subbarayappa, “A Source Book on Chemical Practices, with English translation and notes,” 1986-88. Report submitted.
H.C. Bharadwaj & Vijay Lakshmi Sharma, “Tools, Appliances and Equipments in Ancient India,” 1986-88. Report published by Shilpi Published, Allahabad, 1997, under the title Technology, Tools and Appliances (A Study based on Archoeological Finds).
P.V. Sharma (ed.), History of Medicine in India, 1987-89. Special monograph published by INSA, 1992.
A.K. Biswas, “Minerals and Metals in Ancient India upto 1200 A.D. from Sankrit Literature and other Sources,” 1987-90. Report published by D.K. Print world, New Delhi, 1996 (in two volumes).
K.S. Shukla, “ A Critical Study of Laghumanasa of Manjula,” 1987-90. Report published by INSA, 1990.
S.N. Sen, “Study of Scientific Concepts in Brahmanical, Buddhist and Jaina Literature in Ancient India,” 1988-90. Report submitted.
K.T. Achya, “Indian Food,” 1988-90. Report published by Oxford University Press, 1990, under the title The Compendium of Indian Food. Publications in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Alcoholic Fermentation and its Products in Ancient India, “26.2 (1991) 123-29.
(ii)                “Indian Oil Press (Ghani), “27.1 (1992) 5-13.”
A book entitled Ghani-The traditional Oil-mill of India was also published by Olearius Editions, USA, 1993.
A.K. Mishra, “Ancient Indian Animal husbandry and Agraian Relation in Ancient India, “1988. Did not commerce.
Sibdas Chaudhuri, “Scientific Information in the Inscription inscribed in Sankrit, Pali and Prakrit Language, “1988-89. Report submitted.
P.V. Tewari, “A Critical Study of Kasyapa Samhita (Vrdha fivaka Tanka) English translation, Varansi 1996.
P.V. Sharma, “Text with English translation of the Cakradatta, “ 1989-91. Report published by Chaukhambha Orientalia, Varanasi and Delhi, 1994.
L.C. Jain, “The Pratara Ratnavali of Muni Ratnacandra (English translation with notes), “1989-90. Report submitted.
N.N. Sircar, “Viksayurveda of Parasara with English translation and notes, “1989-91. Report published by Sri Satguru Publications, Delhi, 1994.
B.N. Mukherjee, “Preparation of Historical Atlas in India – Saka- Kusana Age,” 1990-93. Report not submitted.
George Abraham, “Astronomical Parameters,” 1990-93. Report Submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Mean Sun and Moon in the Ancient-Greek and Indian Astronomy,” 26.4 (1991) 383-87.
Bhagwan Dash, “Restoration of Amrta Astanga Hrdaya Guhyopadesa Tantra, A lost Ayurvedic Text, “1990-95. Report published by Sri Satguru Publications, Delhi, 1995 (in 4 parts).
Mahadev Dutta, “Mathematical Models in Bijaganita of Bhaskaracarya II,” 1991-93. Report submitted.
Manobendu Banerjee, “ The Technique of Architecture as revealed in Puranas,” 1992-96. Report not submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Sankrit Vastu Works on Soil Testing, “31.3 (1996) 259-68.
 L., C. Jain, “Mathematical Contents in Digambara Jaina Texts of Karanauyoga Group, “1994-95. Report submitted. Publications in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Constant-set (Dhruva Rasi) Technique in Jaina School of Astronomy’ 28.4 (1993) 303-308.
(ii)                “The Method for finding out the Number of Moons and their Families in the Tiloyapannatti,” 30.1 (1995) 57-70.
(iii)               “Certain special Features of the ancient Jaina Calendar,” 30.2-4 (1995) 1.3-131.
A.K. Jha, “Numismatics and Technology for Coin Making in India,” 1992-97. Report submitted.
Mamata Chaudhuri, “History of Textile & Weaving Technology,” 1992-95. Did not commerce the project.
Adhir Chakraborty, “Technical Terms related to Ecology, Climatology, Agriculture, Minerology in Inscriptions (AD 600-1250), “ 1992-93. Discontinued due to the demise of the investigator.
A.N. Sharma, “A Critical Evaluation of Susruta’s Contribution to Surgery, “1992-94. Report submitted.
Lallanji Gopal, “History of Agriculture Sciences in India,”1992-93. Discontinued due to the demise of the investigator.
S. Balachandra Rao, “A Comparative Study of Indian Astrophysical System Vis-à-vis Modern System in Computation of plants.” 1993-96. Report submitted. Published Ancient Indian Astronomy: Planetary Positions and Ecipses, B.R. publishing Corporation, Delhi, 2000.
Kamal Kumar Jain, “Ancient Indian Building Technology (from Chalcolithic period to Gupta period),” 1994-95. Did not commence.
N.L. Jain, “Translation of Chapter 2-5 of Akalanka’s Commentary on Umasvati’s Aphoristic Treatise on Jaina System of Philosophy,” 1994-95. Report submitted.
Jayantee Bhattacharya, “English translation of Hastyayurveda of palakapya,” 1995-95. Discontinued.
Sushma Zadoo, “English translation of Brahmasphutasiddhanta of Brahmagupta, with critical notes, analysis and intoduction,” 1993-94. Discontinued.
B. Sasisekaran, Iron Metallurgy and Industry in Ancient Tamil Nadu,”1994-98. Report submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)(with A. Raghunatha Rao), “Guntur – An Iron Age Industrial Centre in Dharampuri District,” 32.4 (1997) 347-59.
P.K. Mukhopadhyaya, “Indian Science – A Logical Historical Study of some Physical and Mathematical Concepts in Indian Tradition,” 1994-96. Report submitted.
George Abraham, “Ancient Star Catalogue, “ 1994-96. Completed. Report not submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i) “Ancient and Medical Star Catalogue,” 32.1 (1997) 47-52.
A.K. Bag, “Critical Assessment of Suryasiddhanta with the help of the Commentaries and other Contemporary Siddhantas,” 2000.
K.V. Sarma, “Inventory of Oriental Institute,” 1994-94. Report submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  “In Quest of Early Manusripts / Collections dealing with Science Technology in India,”32.2 (1997) 161-72.
R.N. Singh, “English Translation of Dhanvantari Nighantu,” 1995-98. Report not submitted.
S.Y. Wakankar, “English Translation of a book Hindu Silpa Sastra-Par I Prastavana Khanda, “ 1995-96. Report not submitted.
K.D. Abhyankar, New Light on Pre-Siddhantic Astronomy, “1995-98. Report submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Misidenfication of some Naksatras,”26.1 (1991) 1-10.
(ii)                “A Search for the earliest Vedic calendar,” 28.1 (1993) 1-14.
(iii)               (with G.M. Ballabh) “Kaliyuga, Saptasrsi, Yudhisthira and Laukik Era,” 31.1 (1996) 19-34.
71. N.L Jain, “ English Translation of Chapter 1,6 and 9 of Akalanka’s commentary on  Aphoristic text Tattavartha Sutra       ,”1995-97 .Reports submitted
D.P.Agrawal , “Ancient Metal Technoly  in India , Thailand and Japan ,”1996-2000 .Reports published  by Aryan Book International , Delhi 2000
K.V.Raman ,  “Glossary of  Scientific  and  Technolycal terms tamil inscription (900-1300AD),”1996-99.Report submitted.
M.R.Adhikari ,” Work on some eminent  mathematicians with special reference
To Madhava’s work ,” 1996-99.Report awaited. Publication in the IJHS.
(i)                  (With A Mukhopadhaya)”The concept of cyclic quadrilaterals and its Origin and development in India,” 32.1(1997)53-68.
S.K. Kalra &G.C Prasad,” Re-evalution of ancient Veterinary Science literature on equine,” 1996-97.Discontinued. Publication in IJHS:
(i)” modern veterinary Science litrature to the Growth of relevant knowledge in Ancient India.”22.2(1987)141-147.
Jyotir  Mitra ,”Bhela Samhita –An English translation  with Notes,”1996-99.Report awaited.
A.N Sharma,” The concept of marma,”1996-99.Report submitted .
Nisar Ahmed,” Early Indian coins; Investigation of chemical composition,”1996-97.Report not submitted.
J.V.Narlikar ,”Search for historical reference of sighting Crab Supernova of 1054AD,”1997-99.Report submitted.
N.L.Jain ,”Subjectwise Classification of content of prakrit canonical texts upto 5th cent .AD with English traslation .”1997-2000.Report awaited.
S.M.Bhave ,”The scientific method in Indian thought ,”1997-99.Report submitted.
A.M.Shastri,”Varahamihira and Indian science (Non-astronomical),”1997-99.Report awaited.
 Sunil Behari Sen Sharma,”Kautilya’s arthasastra in the light of  Modern Science and Technology,”1997-99.Report Published as a book.
K.Rajan,”Tradetional methods and  present status of the bead making and pearl chank diving in Tamil Nadu,”1997-99.Report submitted.
Ashok Majumdar,”Pulse Examination in ayurveda,”1998-2000.Reported submitted.
K.P.Shukla,”Psychiatryin Brhat Trayi,”1998-2000.Report submitted
S.R.Sarma ,”A Descriptive catalogue of Indian astronomical and time Mesuring Instrument,”1998-.On-going.Publication in the IJHS:
(i)”Yantraraja  :The Astrolabe in Sanskrit,”34.2(1999)145-58.
(ii)”Katapayadi Notation on a Sanskrit astrolabe,”34.4(1999)273-87.
(iii)”Sultan ,Suri and the astrolabe ,”35.2(2000)129-47.
(iv)”A Brief introduction to the astronomical instruments preserved in khuda bakhsh Library,Patna,”Khuda Bakhsh Library Journal,No.118(December 1999)1-10.
K.V Sharma ,”Science Manuscripts in Sanskrit: Method for their study and Critical Edition ,”1998-2000.Report awaited.Publication in the IJHS.
S.K.Chatterjee,”History of  Indian Calendrical Sytem-Panchanga,”1999-.On going.Publication in the IJHS:
(i)”2000AD A leap year,”33.4(1998)299-300.
Gautam  Sengupta,”History of Pottery in Eastern India,”1999-.On going.
Mridula Sahai,”Scientific Survey of importance of lac in Ancient India,”2000-2002.Report submitted.
K.V.Raman ,”Glossary of Scientific and Tecnological Terms from Tamil literature upto 1300AD,”2000-.On- going.
N..Athiyaman,’History of Anchor Technology in India ,”2000-.On-going.

Medieval Period
M.A.Alvi&A.Rahman ,Fatullah Shirazi-A Sixteenth Century Indian Scientist.1964-67.Published by INSA,1968.
M.A.Alvi&A. Rahman,Jahangir,the Naturalist,1964-67. Published by INSA,1968.
A.Rahman, M.A. Alvi, S.A. Khan Ghori & K.V. Sambamurthy , Science and Technology in Medieval India , -A Bibliography of Source Materials inm Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian, 1964-70.Published by INSA,1982
S.A. Khan, A Bibliography of the Works of Abu’l Raihan Al-Biruni, 1968-70. Published by INSA,1982.
Mira Roy and B.V.Subbarayappa, Rasarnavakalpa, edited and translated into English. 1972-75. Published by INSA,1976. Reprinted 1993.
B.V.Subbarayappa  (ed), Scientific & Technical Exchange between India and Central Asia in Medieval Period,1980-84.Published by INSA,1985.
H.K.Naqvi,”Different Coloring Agents and their Appilication in Dyeing,Printing and Painting,”1980-83.Report submitted.Publication in the IJHS:
(i)”Color Making and Dyeing of Cotton Textiles in Medieval Hindustan,” 15.1(1980)58-70. 
Rifat Ara & Maqbool Ahamed,”Handicraft of Kashmir . Papier-Mache,”1980-83.Rifat Ara obtained M.Phil degree on the project under the supervision  of Prof.Ahmad from Kashmir University.
9.      R.R.Sundariyal & V.K.Verma ,”Investigation in Medieval  Mining and Metallurgical Technique and Future Prospect in Garhwal on the basis of the old Metal Work,”1980-83.PhD work carried out by R.R.Sundariyal.Report not submitted.
10.   S.M.R.Ansari & S.A.KhanGhori,”A Comperative Study of the Astronomical instrument of Maharaja Jai Singh and the central and West Asian School of Astronomy,”1981-83.Report not submitted.
11.  Shailender singh  Bisht & C.Prasad,”Study in the geological aspects of the Medieval land use in Garhwal Region,”1981-83.PhDwork carried out by S.S Bisht under Dr.prasad,Department of Geology, Srinagar ,Garhwal. Report not submitted.
12.  S.P.Raychaudhari & J.K.Maheswari,”Plant Grafting Techniques in the Madieval Period,”1981-83.Discountinue.
13.  D.Joshi,”A project on Rasratna Sammuccaya,”1981-83.Report published in the IJHS as supplement .
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(i)”Medieval Trasmission of Alchemical and Chemical Ideas between India and China ,”22.1(1987)15-28.
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      18.  S.P.Raychudhari & M.Mazumdar,”Study of the Development of Agricalture  Science in the Medieval               Period,”1983-86.Report submitted.Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                 “Risala Dar falahat” (A Persian Manuscipt on Agriculture and Horticulture) 19.4(1984)341-360.
19.H.K.Naqvi ,” Technique of Textile Crafts in the 13-18th Century ,” 1984-                                                         
            86. Reported submitted.Publication in the IJHS.
(i)”Some Varieties of Indian Silken Stuffs in Persian Sources ,C.1200-
  20.S.M.R.Ansari,”A Critical Edition of Zij-I-Muhammad Shahi,” 1984-88.Report not submitted.
  21.B.V.Subbarayappa,”Bibliography of Science & Technology in Kannada Language ,”1986-88. Report not submitted.
  22.  Jawed Ashraf,”Antiquity of selected Latin America Plants in India in the Pre-Colonial Period ,”1986-89.Report not submitted.
  23.  A.Rahman ,”Science Atlas,”1986-89.Report submitted.
  24.  D.Joshi,’Sarangadhara Samhita, text and its traslation in English along with a comprehensive introduction of the scope of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics,” 1987-88.Did not commence the Project.
  25.  S.Maqbul Ahmad,”Analysis of  some Persian Geographical Works produced in India during the Middle ages,”1987-88.Report submitted.
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(1)     “Yogaratnakara: An important Source Book in Medicine, 27.1(1992) 15-29.
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30. Vijaya Jayanta Deshpande, “A Critical Study of Sanskrit Alchemical Text Rasopanisad,”1990-93. Report submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  Vangastambhanasodhana– A Chapter on Metallurgy of Tin in Sanskrit         Alchemical Text Rasopanisad, “27.2 (1992) 121-31.
(ii)                “Sulbarakalikacchedah: Medieval Methods for Cleansing Metal Surfaces and Removing Tarnishes,” 29.2 (1997) 315-28.
31.  L. V. Guru, “Critical Edition of the Bhava Prakasa with English translation,” 1990-93. Discontinued
32. K.N. Pandita, “Evolution of Kashmir Shawl craft and design, based on Persian sources,” 1990-92. Report submitted.
33. S.K.Misra,’The Temple of Orissa- A Historical Documentation of its structural Engineering Aspects,” 1991-92. Did not commence the project.
34. Baldeo Sahai,’ Shipping and Ship Building in India – Medieval Period,” 1991-93. Report published by Publication Division, New Delhi, 1996, under the title Indian ShippingHistorical Survey.
35. A.K.Biswas,” Minerals and Metals in Pre-Modern period (1200-1900 AD),” 1991-94. Report Under Print. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Gem minerals in pre-Modern India,”29.3 (1994) 389-420.
(ii)                “Non-Gem Minerals in Pre-modern India,” 29.3 (1994) 421-463.
(iii)               “Iron and steel in Pre-modern India,”29.4 (1994) 579-610.
36.M.A. Alvi,”The Process of Modernization of Indian Science (17-18 century),” 1991-94. Report not submited.
37.S.Zafar Mahmud,”The Physical Sciences in Medieval India,” 1991.Discontinued.
38.K.S.Shukla,”Eclipses and Occultation in India Astromy,” 1991-92.Discontinued due to the illness of the investigator.
39. M.S.Khan ,”Arabic Source Materials for the History of Science in India,” 1992-93.Discontinued.
40. R.K. Kochhar,”Analysis of selected astro-mathematical manuscript in Persian at Salarjung Museum,”1992-93. Discontined.
41. Nirmal Saxena,”English Translation of Vaidya jivana of Lolimbaraja,1993-96. Report submitted. Publication in the IJHS:
(i)                  “Lolimbaraja and his contribution to Medicine,’ 32.4 (1997) 361-367.
42. V.S. Narasimhan,”Translation with Critical notes in English of Nilakantha Somayaji’s Tantra Sangraha,”1993-95. Report Published in the IJHS as Supplement. 33.1-2-3(1998),34.4(1999).
43. Raju Poundurai,” Granery Architecture of Medieval South India,”1994.Did not commence.
44. G.D. Singhal,”Bhaskara Bhatta’s Sarira Padmini,”1990-94, Discontinued due to the demise of investigator.
45. D. Joshi,’Rasa Prakasa Sudhakara,critical study,edition and translation, 1994-97.Report submitted.
46 S.C.Sankhyadhar,’EnglishTranslation and Critical commentary on Raja Nighantu,”1994-97. Report submitted.
47. Zillur Rahman,”Hakim Ali Gilani’s commentary on Ibn  Sina’s Al-Quanum,”1994. Discontinued.
48. Noorul Hasan Khan,S.M.R.Ansari & S.A Khan Ghori,”Descriptive Catalogue of Arabic Persion Mansucript sources in Sciences,”1995-98. Report submitted.
49. K.VSeth & S.andhre,’Catalaogue of Manuscripts on History of science from the collection of  L.D. Institute of Indology,’Ahmedabad, 1996-98.Report not submitted.
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National Commission
Ancient Period
“A Critical Edition and English Translation of Vrndamadhavaparnama siddhayogah” by Prof. (Ms.) P V Tewari, New G 116, Aurobindo Colony, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221005.

Ancient Irrigation Technology in Tamil Nadu with special reference to Sluice Technology” by Dr. K Rajan, Reader, Dept. of Epigraphy, Tamil University, Thanjavur 613005. (Chennai)

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by Dr. Manoj K Thakur, 104 B, Meghdoot Apartment, Sector 7, Plot No. 19, Dwarka, New Delhi 110045.

Medieval Period
“A Critical Study of Tantra Samgraha by Nilkantha Soma Sutvan” By Prof. M.S. Sriram, Deptt. of Theoretical, Physics, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai-600025

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Modern Period
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National Commission
OnGoing Projects

“JBS Haldane’s Indian Period “
Dr. Veena Rao, C/o Dr. V Nanjundiah
201, ‘Bombay House’ Apartments
55, Kanakapura Road
Bangalore 560004.

“Biographies of Pharmaceutical Luminaries”
Prof. Harkishan Singh, 1135, Sector – 43

“Minor Metal Craft in West Bengal : Tradition and changes from Medieval Period to the Present”
Dr. Nupur Das Gupta
Reader, History Department,
Jadavpur University,
Kolkata 700032.

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Dr. Nirmal Saxena,
No. M-47, Indira Nagar Extn.,
Vikas Pradhikan Colony,
Raebareli 229001

“Mineral Processing to elemental science in Medieval India”
Prof. A K Biswas,
Flat 2A, “Kamalini”,
69a, Townshend Road,
Kolkata 700026.

“A study and conservation of cultural diversity of Indigenous (traditional) knowledge system in respect to science and technology with special reference to medicine, environment and handicraft technology – a case study of Uttaranchal, India”
Dr. M Parwez,
Center for advanced Study
Department of History, Aligarh
Muslim University, Aligarh 202002.

“A Comparative study of Planetary models in Respect of epicycles in Classical Indian Astronomy vis-a-vis Ptolemaic and Copernican Models “
Dr. Padmaja Venugopal,
Head, Dept. of Mathematics,
SJB Institute of Technology,
Kengeri, Bangalore 560060.

“Critical Edition of Persian Manuscripts Titled Risala Magasi-usi, Risala Kirm-abresham and Risala Parwana alongwith their English Translation and Notes”
Prof. Jaweed Ashraf
15, Zakir Bagh, Tower – A
New Delhi 110025.

“Anatomical Knowledge and the Anatomy of Medical Knowledge in India : Some Preliminary Inquiries”
Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya
Tulsitala, P O
Raiganj, Dist.Uttar Dinajpur
West Bengal 733134.

“Documentation and study of the archaeometallurgical and ethnometallurgical evidence in Uttaranchal with special reference to iron and copper”
Prof. D P Agarwal,
Lok Vigyan Kendra
“Ashirvad”, East Pokharkhali
Almora 263601.

“A Military Revolution in India? War, Technology and Colonialism in South Asia : 1740-1849”
Dr. Kaushik Roy 78/14, R K Chatterjee Road, Kolkata 700042.

“Musical Pillar – an unique feature of Vijayanagar Architecture”
Dr.(Smt.) P Arundhati
A-101, Pandara Road
New Delhi 110003.

“Ecosystem concepts and the manner of their applicationin the ancient and post ancient India Environmental problems”
Dr. S A Abbasi, Director,
Centre for Pollution Control & Energy Tech.,Pondicherry Univ.,
Pondicherry 605014.

“Supasastra in Indian Tradition”
Sri M A Narasimhan,
384 Krishna Vilas Road
Mysore 570024.

New Projects

“History of Development and progress in Cancer Research & Control in Post-Independent India : focus on Two Pioneering Institutes”
Dr. Sukta Das
Asstt. Director
CNCI, Kolkata
Pushpa Apartments, Flat 1A,
63A Bright Street
Kolkata 700019.

“Indigenous knowledge on the medicinal plant resources of Coromandel coast forests of peninsular India in the modern period”
Dr. N Parthasarathy
Principal Investigator
Dept. of Ecology & Environmental Science, Pondicherry University,
Pondicherry 605014.

“A Critical Study of Indian Astronomical Tables-Sarinis, Koshtakas, Padakas and Vakyas”
Dr. S Balachandra Rao
Hon. Director
Gandhi Centre of Science & Human Values
Bharatiya Vidya Bnhavan
43/1, Race Course Road
Bangalore 560001.

“Catalogue and technical analysis of forge welded iron cannons in Deccan Forts”
Prof. R Balasubramaniam
Dept. of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur 208016.

“Documentation of Cannons of Eastern India”
Dr. Pranab K Chattopadhyay
Centre for Archaeoloical Studies & Training
Eastern India
4, Camac Street, 1st Floor
Kolkata 700016.

“A Critical Study of Karana-paddhati of Putumana Somayaji and Preparation of English Translation with Mathematical Notes”
Dr. K Ramasubramanian,
Assistant Professor
Dept. of History
Indian Institute of Technology,
Powai, Mumbai 400076.

“Modern Science in India : colonial compulsions and nationalist aspirations”
Prof. R K Kochhar,
Pharmaceutical Heritage Centre
National Institute of Pharmaceutical
Education and research (NIPER)
Sector 67, SAS Nagar
Distt. Ropar
Punjab 160062.

“A Comprehensive Study of Kuttakar Siromani by Devraja”
Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Virendra Singh
51, New Cosmos,
Jubu-Versova Link Road
Andheri (W)
Mumbai 400053.

“A Historical Study of Epillepsy from 1900 AD to 2005 AD”
Dr. Arun Kumar Sethi
House No. 312, Pocket B-2
Sector VI
Delhi -110085.

“1960-1999 : Four Decades of Biochemistry in India”
Dr. (Mrs.) Srabani Sen
Flat 5-C,
48/1E, Gariahat Road
Kolkata 700019.

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Prof. B L Bhadani,
Professor of History, Department of History, Centre of Advanced Study
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh 202002.

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Dr. Vanlalruata Rengsi
Department of History
North Eastern Hill University
Meghalaya 793022

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Dr. Yogesh Chandra Mishra
H-23, Northcity Extension
P O Izzatnagar
Bareilly (UP) 243122.

“Historical Appraisal of ICC –Evolving Spectrum of Epidemiology and Clinoco-Pathology”
Dr. S Sriramachari, FNA
A-2/41, “Vaisakhi”, Azad Apartments
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi 110016.


National Commission
“Historical Appraisal of ICC – Evolving Spectrum of Epidemiology & Clinical  
by Dr. S Sriramachari, FNA  

“Indigenous knowledge on the medicinal plant resources of Coromandel coast 
  forests of peninsular India in the modern period”

  by Dr. N. Parthasarathy, Pondicherry. “History of Development and progress in Cancer Research & Control in Post-
  Independent India : focus on Two Pioneering Institutes”
 by Dr. Sukta Das, Kolkata.
“Minerals, Mining and Metal working crafts in medieval India. C 1600-1750 AD : A
  study based on Dutch sources”
 by Dr. Ishrat Alam, Aligarh.
“Catalogue and technical analysis of forge welded iron cannons in Deccan Forts” by Prof. R
Balasubramaniam & Dr. S. Jai Kishan, Kanpur.
“Science and Nationalism in Bengal 1876-1947: Phase VI : Austosh Mukherjee and Mathematics (1964-1924)” by Prof. Chittabrata Palit, Kolkata.
“Documentation of Cannons of Eastern India” by Dr. P K Chattopadhyay, Kolkata.
“A Comprehensive Study of Kuttakar Siromani by Devraja” by Prof. Saroj V Singh,   Mumbai.
“A Comparative study of Planetary models in Respect of epicycles in Classical Indian Astronomy vis-a-vis Ptolemaic and Copernican Models” by  Dr. Padmaja Venugopal, Bangalore.
“A Critical Study of Indian Astronomical Tables-Sarinis, Koshtakas, Padakas and 
 by Prof. S. Balachandra Rao,  Bangalore.
“Towards an understanding of indigenous knowledge system of the fishermen of Sundarbans in West Bengal and their approach to health, sanitation and climate” by Prof. Mahua Sarkar,  Jadavpur.
“Musical Pillar – an unique feature of Vijayanagar Architecture” by Dr. (Mrs.) P. Arundhati,  New Delhi.
“A Military Revolution in India? War, Technology and Colonialism in South Asia : 1740-1849”
by  Dr. Kaushik Roy,  Kolkata. 
“A Historical Study of Epillepsy from 1900 AD to 2005 AD” by Dr. Arun Kumar Sethi, Delhi. 
“A Physical Survey of Irrigational Works in the Thar Desert of Medieval Times” by Prof. B L Bhadani, Aligarh
“1960-1999 : Four Decades of Biochemistry in India” by Dr. (Mrs.) Srabani Sen, Kolkata
“Anatomical Knowledge and the Anatomy of Medical Knowledge in India : Some Preliminary Inquiries” by Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Kolkata
“Documentation and study of the archaeometallurgical and ethnometallurgical evidence in Uttaranchal with special reference to iron and copper” by Prof. D P Agarwal, Director, Lok Vigyan Kendra, “Ashirvad”, East Pokharkhali, Almora 263601.

“Modern Science in India : colonial compulsions and nationalist aspirations” by Prof. R K Kochhar,, Professor, Pharmaceutical Heritage Centre National Institute of Pharmaceutical, Education and research (NIPER), Sector 67, SAS Nagar, Distt. Ropar , Punjab 160062.

“Traditional Technology of Hill Tribes of Northeast India” by Dr. Vanlalruata Rengsi, Department of History, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, , Meghalaya 793022

“A Critical Study of Karana-paddhati of Putumana Somayaji and Preparation of English Translation with Mathematical Notes” by Dr. K Ramasubramanian, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Indian Institute of Technology, , Powai, Mumbai 400076.

“Calcuttan Science (1814-1914) and the Mini-renaissance in India” by Prof. Arun Kumar Biswas,, Flat 2A “Kamalini”, 69 A Townshend Road, Kolkata 700026.

“Technology of the Tribes of Northeast India with Special Reference to Arunachal Pradesh” by Dr. A K Thakur, Reader, Department of History, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya 793022.


National Commission
“History of High Tin Bronze and Brass Technologies in Eastern India” byDr.  Pranab K. Chattopadhyay,Kolkata
“The Evolution of Ayurvedic ophthalmology in Ancient and Medieval India : A Critical Study”
by Dr. Vijaya Jayant Deshpande, Pune
“Delineating the History of Plant Science and Agriculture Technology of India : a Multi-disciplinary Perspective” by Dr. Vasudha Pant, Almora
“Khagendra Mani Darpana (KMD) World’s first complete Test on Ancient Toxicology” byDr. Sathyanarayana Bhat, Bangalore
“English Translation to Jyotsnika” byDr. Senu Kurien George, Thiruvalla, Kerala
“South Indian Metrological Traditions : A Critical Study”  byDr.  V Selvakumar, Kanpur
“Communicable Diseases and Germ Theory in Colonial India: An Assessment” byDr. (Mrs.) Srabani Sen, Kolkata      
“Mrs. Sara Chapman Bull’s contributions to the dissemination of Prof. Jagadis Chunder Bose’s research work” byDr. Probir K Bondyopadhyay, USA
“The Pioneer mathematicians and their role in Calcutta University during nineteenth and twentieth century” byDr. (Ms.) Mala Bhattacharjeeand Dr. (M) Purabi Mukherjee, Kolkata
“A Study on Solar Passive Concepts used in the Avadh Architectural Buildings” by Dr.  Usha Bajpai, Lucknow
“Growth of Scientific Societies in India: 1784-1947” by Dr. B K Sen, New Delhi“Brahma Siddhanta – Text, Eng. Translation and Commentary” byDr  Somenath Chatterjee,  Hooghly
“Milestones and developments in Surgery in  India since Independence : A Historical perspective” by Dr. Satyendra Prakash Kaushik ,Panchkula
“A study on  the History of the Traditional Ayurveda Practicing by Parambarya Vaidyas in Kerala and their Unique Ethical Outlook” byDr. Sreekumar Nellickappilly, Chennai
“Multi-dimensional Concept of Preventive Strategies for Non-communicable Diseases with reference to Diabetes, Cardio-vascular disorders and Cancer – A Historical Overview” by Dr. (Ms.) Sukta Das, Kolkata.
“The Garo Perception of Disease and Medicine : A History since the British Regime in the Indian Sub-continent” by Dr. Pratibha Mandal, Kolkata
“Traditional Ecological Knowledge in India – an Assessment” Dr. Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata
“A Historical study of Indian Medicine through Travellers’ Accounts, with special emphasis on Anatomical  knowledge – 17th to 19th century” byDr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, West Bengal
“Ideas of evolution in Indian History and Culture and the impact of Darwin” byDr. H Sharat Chandra, FNA, Bangalore
“History of High Tin Bronze and Brass Technologies in Eastern India” byDr.  Pranab K. Chattopadhyay, Kolkata
“Siddhantasiromani of Bhaskaracarya – Translation of the text and the Auto commentary Vasanabhashya and Explanatory notes” byProf. M S Sriram, Chennai
“Venvarohga of Madhava of Sangamagrama” byDr. S Madhavan, Thiruvananthapuram
“Science and Nationalism in Bengal 1876-1947 Phase VII : Girish Ch. Bose and Modern Agronomy in India” byDr. CB  Palit,Kolkata
“English Education and Modern Science in early Colonial India” byProf. Rajesh Kochhar, Chandigarh
 “The Scientific Achievements of Radhanath Sikdar and Science in Early Colonial India” by Mr. Ashish Lahiri, Kolkata
“Delineating the History of Plant Science and Agriculture Technology of India: a Multi-disciplinary Perspective” byDr. Vasudha Pant. Almora
“Editon with English Translation of II part of Siddhantasekhara of Sripati (11th century)” byDr. A Sripad Bhat Tirupati
“English Translation with critical notes and indexing of “Panthyapathyavinischaya” a 16th century text on Ayurvedic Dietetics” byDr. P. Ram Manohar, Coimbatore.
“History of Neurodegenerative Diseases and its impact on Aged population in India : An Assessment” byDr. Saumitra Basu, Kolkata
“Mental Disorder and unmaada: The organic and indigenous Histories of Psychiatry in National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences INIMANS), 1925-1974” byDr. P Radhika, Bangalore
“History of Technical Education in India:1900-2005” by Professor Samir Kumar Saha, Kolkata
“English Translation of ‘Rasendra Cudamani’ by Dr. Naveena K., Karnataka
“Study of the Indus Valley Scripts through Linguistic and Markov Chain Methods” by Dr. Niladri Sarkar, Pilani
“Compilation of classified Bibliographies and assessment of research work done in different branches of Mathematics in the Eastern zone in India during 19th & 20th century” byDr. (Ms.)Mala Bhattacharjee & Dr. Purbi Mukherji, Kolkata
“The Kriyakramakari of Sankara and Narayana – Translation with Expository Notes : A Critical Study in Modern Perspectives” byDr. V Madhukar Mallayya, Trivandrum
“Parasara Sidhanta /Soma Siddhanta – texts for critical edition, English translation, Commentary and Studies” by Dr. Somenath Chatterjee,Hooghly
“History of Geoscientific Studies in the Himalayan Region” Professor Anshu Kumar Sinha & Professor DM Banerjee, Gurgaon.
“Amarakosa – A biological Synopsis” byDr. S Sundara Rajan, Bangalore
“Translation with adaptations of a book “Sanskrit Sahityama Vanaspatio” (Plants in Sanskrit Literature) written in Gujarati by Shri Bapalal G. Shah (Vaidya)” by Professor J J Shah,
“English Translation of Yogamrtam”byDr. Senu Kurien George, Thiruvalla, Kerala
“The State of Ayurveda in Colonial Bengal” by Dr. (Mrs.) Srabani Sen
“Calcutta Medical College and the Rise of Hospital Medicine in India: Locating its Evolution and Epistemological consequences” by Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Raiganj, West Bengal
“Growth and Development of the School of Tropical Medicine (STM ) – a Historical Study” by Dr. Balaram Majumder and Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Kolkata
“Tryst with Destiny : A social and Intellectual History of Scientific Temper in Modern India” by Dr. Meera Nanda, Mohali
“History of Science Museums and Planetariums in India” by Dr. Jayanta Sthanapati, Kolkata
“A study on the modification of river channel in the Jorhat District of Assam” byDr. Raktim Ranjan Saikia & Dr Noorul AminJorhat, Assam


National Commission

Advent and Growth modern Science Awareness and Education in colonial India” by Prof. Rajesh Kochhar
“History of X-ray Research in British India” by Prof. S C Roy
“Compilation of Classified Bibliographies and Assessment of Research work done  in different Branches of Mathematics in the Eastern zone in India during 19th &  20th century” by Mala Bhattacharjee & Purbi Mukherji
“The State of Ayurveda in Colonial Bengal” by Srabani Sen
“Calcutta Medical College and the Rise of Hospital Medicine in India: Locating its   Evolution and Epistemological Consequences” by Jayanta Bhattacharya
“Medicine and British Empire in South India: A study of Psychiatry and Mental Asylums   in Colonial Kerala” by Santosh Abraham 
“History of X-ray Research in British India” by S C Roy
“History of Technological Adoption and Development: The Case of Silk Industry in Colonial   
by Anirban Mukherjee
“English Translation of Yogamrtam” by Senu Kurien George          
“The Kriyakramakari of Sankara and Narayana–Translation with Expository Notes: A Critical Study in Modern Perspectives” by V Madhukar Mallayya
“Vakyakarana and its Commentary Laghuprakasika by Sundararaja” by Venketeswara Pai R
“Editing Karaṇabharaṇa – A commentary on Karaṇaprakasa by Saṅkaranarayaṇa Joyisa” by K Mahesh
“Makarandasarini– English exposition, a Critical analysis and comparison with other Indian Astronomical Tables” by S K Uma
“Grahaganitadhyaya of Bhaskaracarya- Translation of the text, and the Autocommentary Vasanabhasya, and Explanatory notes: Phase II” by M. S. Sriram

“Perception of Food and Nutrition in Health and Disease – A Critical Exposition with Focus on some Classical Indian Medical Texts” by Sukta Das
“Environmental and Ecological change as inferred from Copper Plate Inscriptions of Early Bengal” by Rajat Sanyal
“Art of Making Kerala Mirror” by Sharda Srinivasan
“English Translation of ‘Ayurveda prakasa’ with Critical note” by Naveena K
“On vibrations and acoustics in ancient and medieval India: focusing on design and construction of Indian Stringed Instruments” by Anurag Gupta &  Dangarikar Chaitali Arun
“Invoking Masculinity through Medical Sciences: The Case of Tonic in Colonial Bengal” by Amitava Chatterjee
“The Kriyakramakari of Sankara and Narayana – Translation with Expository Notes: A Critical Study in Modern Perspectives” by V Madhukar Mallayya
“Grahaganitadhyaya of Bhaskaracarya–Translation of the text, and the Autocommentary Vasanabhasya, and Explanatory notes: Phase II” by M S Sriram
“Art of Making Kerala Mirror” by Sharda Srinivasan

“Suryaprakasa of Suryadasa – Critical Edition with English translation and Explanatory notes for Chapters IV Vargaprakrti- Conclusion Grantha Samapti”
 by Sita Sundar Ram
“Gaṇakananda – English exposition, a critical analysis and comparison with other Indian astronomical tables” by P Venugopal
“A Critical Study of Hemangada Thakkura’s Grahaṇamala” by Vanaja V
“Occultation and Transits in Indian Astronomy – A Mathematical Analysis” by K Rupa
“Documentation and study of the Archaeo-metallurgical and Ethno-metallurgical evidence in North & Western Tamilnadu with special reference to Iron” by Rama K Pissipaty
“Volume and Weight Measurements in the Metrological Traditions of South India (C.E. 600 to 1600)” by V Selvakumar
“Brhatsamhita – A Biological Study” by S Sundara Rajan
“Plant Biology of Yajurveda” by Raghava S. Boddupalli
“History of the Scientific study of the Language of North-East India with special reference to Bodo Group of Languages: Retrospect and Prospect” by Satrupa Dattamajumdar Saha
“Transliteration, English Translation and Critical Analysis of Vaidya Kanda of Bommaiah” by K V. Sriharsha.
“Practice of folk medicine: A study on the folk medicine of the Rajbanshis of Sub-Himalayan Bengal in historical perspective” by Rup Kumar Barman
“Training, Care and Treatment of Elephants under the patronage of Gauripur Raj: A Study” by Kabita Debi
“The Development of the School of Research on Number Theory in India during the 20th Century” by Purabi Mukherjee
“Unravelling Shringaverapura: Ancient Technology for Harvesting Water” by Koumudi Patil
“History of Mirrors in Ancient India: Origin & Technology Transfer” by Pranab Chattopadhayay
“A Study on the Salt Production of Ancient Assam” by Raktim Ranjan Saikia
“Meta-analytical Study of Cardiac Drugs described by Ibn Sina (980-1037) in the Contemporary Research” by Syed Ziaur Rahman
“Hundred Years of Forensic Science in India (1849-1947): A Historical Perspective” by Saumitra Basu (received)
“Colonizing the Cattle:  Veterinary Medicine and Epidemic in Colonial Bengal (1869-1947)” by S.K. Maidul Rahman
“Profiles in History of Science from  North East India- A  Delineation of one Scientist and two  Medical Institutions of the Region that Trace their Origins back to the 19th  Century” by R C Deka
“The Science and Technology of Manuscript writing-aids and Folk paintings in Medieval Assam” by Robin Kumar Dutta

“Growth of Scientific Periodicals in India (1948-2000)” by B K Sen
“A Comprehensive Study of Grahalaghavasariṇi” by M Shailaja
“Tithicintamaṇi of Gaṇesa  Daivajna – Translation and Mathematical Analysis” by SK Uma

“Wood Culture in Himachal Pradesh, India” by Sangeeta Gupta
“Water Systems in Ancient Forts through Geospatial Technology” by NS Nalini
“Karaṇa Kaustubha of Kṛṣṇa Daivajna – English Translation and Mathematical Analysis” by Padmaja Venugopal
“Translation and Critical Analysis of “Hati Puthi”, the Medieval Assamese Manuscripts on Elephant Training and Treatment” by Rasna Rajkhowa
“Ethno-medico-botanical studies of Eruliga and Lambani tribes of Kanakapura taluk of Ramanagar district of Karnataka” by Shivamanjunatha M P
“The Status of Tribal Medical System and Practices in the Jungle Mahals, Eastern India, 1947-2000” by Nirmal Kumar Mahato
“Antiquity and Social aspects of Some Ethnic Fermented Foods and Beverages of North East India” by Vennu Pant
“Science in the Forest: A study of Colonial Assam” by Geetashree Singh
“Archiving the Work of Dr. Subhas Mukherjee: The Architect of India’s First Test Tube Baby” by Srabani Mukherjee
“Ecosystem Concepts and the manner of their Application in the Ancient and Post-ancient India: a study aimed at utilizing the Ancient wisdom for solving the present day Environmental Problems”
 by SA Abbasi
“A Comprehensive Study of Grahalaghavasariṇi”by M Shailaja
“Tithicintāmaṇi of Gaṇesa  Daivajña – Translation and Mathematical Analysis” by SK Uma
“Translation and critical analysis of “Hati Puthi”, the medieval Assamese Manuscripts on Elephant Training and Treatment” by Rasna Rajkhowa
“Water Systems in Ancient Forts through Geospatial Technology” by S Nalini
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“Historical Account of Entomophagy among the Ethnic Communities of Arunachal Pradesh” by Jharna Chakravorty
“Antiquity and Social aspects of some Ethnic fermented Foods and Beverages of North East India”  Veenu Pant
“Karaṇa Kaustubha of Kṛṣṇa Daivajña –English Translation and Mathematical Analysis
” by Padmaja Venugopal

“Agricultural Chemistry, Peasants and pursuit for Agricultural Improvement in British India, 1870s-1940s” by Madhumita Saha

“History of Linguistic Science of the Austroasiatic group of Languages with special reference to the Mon-Khmer and northern Munda languages of India: Retrospect and prospect” by  Satarupa Dattamajumdar Saha

“Glimpses of Veterinary Science in Colonial Bengal; A study of Bengal Veterinary College 1892-1947” by Anuradha Kayal

“Practice of Folk Medicine by the Indigenous People of Sundarbans: A Historical Analysis” by Rup Kumar Barman

“Modern Medicine and Gender in Colonial Andhra: Medicine Practiced by two Women Missionary Doctors at their Hospitals: 1880 – 1930” by Ashok Kumar Mocherla

“The History of Geographical Surveys in India during the British Period” by Meenakshi C S
“Reconstruction and digitization of PATAH Art, a perishing cultural heritage of Eastern India with special reference to Santhal Parganas” by Manoj Kumar Dutta

“Traditional Metal Technologies in Assam: A Study in Archaeological, Historical and Ethnographic Perspective” by Manjil Hazarika

“Historico-scientific-technology of Punch-marked Coins: A Study” by Amit Kumar  Upadhayay

“Art, Science and Technology of Traditional “Koftgari” Metal works in India” by Kamlesh Kumar Singh

“Pandemic Spanish Influenza of 1918-19 in India with Special Reference to Colonial Bengal: A Historical Perspective” by Soumitra Basu
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“Plants of Atharvaveda (AV): their Descriptions and Medicinal Uses” by Raghava S. Boddupalli

“Wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh during Colonial Era: History, Science and Technology of Hunting and Trapping Technology” by Ambika Aiyadurai

“A Social History of Electrification in Colonial Eastern India, 1880s-1940s.” by Subhobrata Sarkar

“Development of Amateur Astronomy in Independent India with special reference to West Bengal: A Historical Study”  by Sabyasachi Chatterjee
“Exploration and documentation of Sun-dials and other Time-Keeping instruments of Islamic tradition and colonial period” by Aalok Pandya

“A Study on the Paleo-channels of Dihing River and its Impact on the pre-Ahom Inhabitant of Upper Assam” by Raktim Ranjan Saikia

“Nalanda and Bodhgaya: Understanding the past Environment and Transnational Networks of the World Heritage Sites” by Sharmistha Chatterjee

“Search for Astronomical Records in Stone Inscriptions” by Geeta K Ganesha

“History of Kalaripayattu and its links with Indigenous Medical Practices” by Aparna N

“History of Cosmetology in Ancient India” by Pallavi G

“Medical Missionaries and Health care in sub-Himalayan Bengal, c. 1870s-1970s” by Sahara Ahmad

“Making anthropocene (Un) making Anopheles: Mosquitoes, Pest Control and Agrochemicals in Modern India” by Sudip Saha

“Reinvention of Indigenous Medicine, Print and Knowledge Circulation in Colonial Andhra, 1900-1940” by B Eswara Rao

“Science and nationalism in colonial Bengal: The case of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray” by Arpita Mitra

“Plant Pathological Science and Plant Diseases in Colonial India (1905-1947)” by Priyanka Guha Roy

Kodasseri  Margam: English Translation of a less Familiar Malayalam Treatise on Ayurvedic toxicology” by Rohit Sharma

Indian Journal of History of Science

Published under the guidance of Indian National Commission for History of Science set up by the Academy since more than five decades now. The journal was first published in 1966 biannually. The articles started pouring in as the field got momentum and a lot of interest developed among the researchers working in various field of ancient, medieval and modern science in historical perspectives. It became an interesting forum for scientists, historians, sociologists, and philosophers for exchange of ideas on the evolution and characteristics of scientific concepts and technological advances. With increasing inflow of articles, the journal was made quarterly in 1984 and is being published in March, June, September, December every year. Besides research articles, the journal also publishes reports of relevant interest, book reviews, the supplements and important news articles as well. Since 2021, the journal is being co-published with Springer.

Editors of IJHS
1 D M Bose (1966-74)
2 F C Auluck (1975-78)
3 L S Kothari (1979-81)
4 S K Mukherjee (1982-92)
5 S Sriramachari (1993-99)
6 S R Sarma (2000-2001)
7 A K Bag (2002-2018)
8 K Ramasubramanian (2019-)

Editorial Board IJHS (2023)

Professor D Balasubramanian, Hyderabad
Professor Robert Anderson, Canada
Professor Deepak Kumar, Delhi
Professor Clemency Montelle, NZ
Professor MD Srinivas, Chennai
Professor Kishore Patwardhan, Varanasi
Professor John Lourdosamy, Chennai
Professor JSR Prasad, Hyderabad
Professor Paul T Craddock, UK
Professor MichioYano, Japan
Professor John Mathew, Sri City
Professor Michel Danino, Gandhinagar
Dr Martin Gansten, Sweden
Professor Anantanarayanan Raman, Australia
Professor K Ramasubramanian, Editor
Mr Madhvendra Narayan, Associate Editor & Member Secretary

Cumulative Index of IJHS

Indian Journal of History of Science, which was started in 1966 under the editorship of Prof. D. M. Bose, completes 35 volumes with the current number. From 1966 to 1983, each volume consisted of two numbers; in 1984 the Journal was converted into a quarterly, with four numbers for each volume. Thus during these 35 years, there appeared 102 numbers of 35 volumes. These carried some 870 papers, about one hundred book reviews and a dozen primary texts, critically edited and translated with annotations.

The following pages offer, in the first three sections, a complete author index respectively to all the papers, book reviews and conference reports. Section IV contains a list of the texts which appeared as Supplements to the Journal. The Journal also published full proceedings of several conferences on history of science, organized or sponsored by the Indian National Science Academy. Details of these proceedings are given in Section V.

Besides the papers published in the Indian Journal of History of Science, this index includes also the papers published in Bulletin of the National Institute of Sciences of India, No. 23 of 1963. This number contains the proceedings of the Symposium on History of Science, organised at Calcutta in 1961, and is, in a way, the forerunner of the Indian Journal of History of Science. These papers are identified by the abbreviation BNISI 23 (1963).

It is hoped that this Cumulative Index will be useful as a reference tool for history of science in India.The part of Index for years 2001 onwards will be available shortly. However, the texts covered to be found at clicking at IJHS.



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October 1978 – History of Sciences of Ancient & Medieval India, New Delhi.

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November 1981 -INSA-Nehru Centre Indo-Soviet Seminar in the area of History of Science, Bombay.

February 1997 – Seminar on Sunya, New Delhi.

December 1998 – International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History : Science, Technology & Culture, New Delhi.

October 2000 – Workshop on History of Science Researches in India : Future Directions with NISTADS., New Delhi.

October 2010 – National Seminar on Mathematics and Astronomy in Medieval India, Chennai

December 2011- Profiles in Twentieth century India, Tejpur, Assam

October 2011 – The History of Science and Technology in 20th Century, India, Bangalore

October 2012- National Seminar on Evolution of Medical Traditions, Lucknow

November 2013 – National Seminar on History of Chemistry in India (20th Century), Mohali

October 2014 – Lectures on History of Science in India, Kolkata

October 2014 – National Seminar on History of Nature Ecology and Environment, Delhi

January 2015 – International Seminar on Cross Civilizational Interactions in Antiquity: India, Iran, Greece and China, New Delhi

October 2015 – International Seminar on Indian Heritage –A Genomic View, Hyderabad

October 2016 – National Seminar on History of Unani Medicine in India, New Delhi

September 2017 – National Seminar on Technology during Harappan Times, New Delhi

September 2018 – National Seminar on Historiography of Science in India, New Delhi

July 2019 – National Seminar on Studies in History and Philosophy of Science in India, Kolkata