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Webinars 2022

AGM 2022-2023
·     14-DECEMBER-2022 (10:30) Prof. Chandrima Shaha, Pandemics: the battles reshaping the future
·     GPS Murty
·     Inauguration Welcome: Dr Sunil K Singh, Director NIO Address Prof. Chandrima Shaha, President, INSA
·     World’s Most Radiation-resistant Bacterium: Deinococcus .. Prof. Chandrima Shaha, President, INSA
·     Professor Vishwa Nath Memorial Lecture (2018) by Prof. SK Apte, FNA, UM-DAE-CEBS, Mumbai
·     Professor Vishwa Nath Memorial Lecture (2018) by Prof. SK Apte, FNA, UM-DAE-CEBS, Mumbai
·     Galois representations by Prof. EP Ghate, FNA, TIFR, Mumbai
·     Emergence of novel foraging skills in monkeys inhabiting human dominated …Prof. Mewa Singh
·    Graphon-valued Stochastic Processesby Prof. SR Athreya ,FNA, ISI, Bengaluru
·    It’s a nematode world by Prof. Qudsia Tahseen, FNA, AMU, Aligarh
·    Geometrical singularities in the model of hard rigid rotors on a lattice by Prof. Deepak Dhar
·    Biotechnology based interventions involving animals….by Dr Subeer S Majumdar, FNA, NIAB, Hyderabad
·    Thermonuclear supernovae as cosmological probesby Prof. GC Anupama, FNA, IIA, Bengaluru
·    Understanding the social language of bacteria: Speak or not to speak? by Dr Subhadeep Chatterjee.
·     Session 8 by Prof. Sandhya S Visweswariah and by Prof. DN Rao
·     Session 6.. by Dr Madhu Dikshit and by Dr Shinjini Bhatnagar
·     Public Lecture by Prof. Ashoke Sen, FNA, ICTS, Bengaluru
·     “Jiddi” (book on some unsung Women Scientists of the past) by Prof. Sulabha K Kulkarni, FNA, CME
·     “Jiddi” (book on some unsung Women Scientists of the past) by Prof. Sulabha K Kulkarni, FNA, CMET
·     15-DECEMBER-2022.(14:30-15:15) Address by Dr (Mrs.) N. Kalaiselvi, DG CSIR
·     Advent of Plate Tectonics and the Supercontinent Cycle…Prof. Somnath Dasgupta, FNA ISI, Kolkata
·     Homi Jehangir Bhabha Medal Lecture (2020) by Prof. HR Krishnamurthy, FNA, IISc, Bengaluru
·     15-December-2022.(09:00-09:45,09:45-10:30) Session 5,M Lakshmi Kantam & JN Moorthy
·     Session 10. Genomics-assisted breeding of climate-resilient … by Dr NK Singh, FNA,IARI, New Delhi.
·     Session 9 – Pattern Recognition, Machine Intelligence….. by Prof. Sankar K Pal, FNA,ISI, Kolkata
·     Session 9 – Towards Quieter Technologies by Prof. ML Munjal, FNA, IISc, Bengaluru


04. 36th International Geological Congress on March 22, 2022,Day-2

03. 36th International Geological Congress on March 20, 2022,Day-1

02. Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Lecture-2022 by Prof. Marcia McNutt and Panel Discussion at 18:00 Hrs, on March 3, 2022


01. Semi Conductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronics Applications – Prof. Chennupati Jagadish, FNA-Dated- Feb 02, 2022

Webinars 2021

12. J C Bose: In Scientific & National Contexts,Speaker – Prof. Rajesh K Kochhar Dated- November 30th, 2021

11. Bibha Chowdhuri- India’s High Energy Particle Physicist A ‘Star’ in Heaven, Speaker – Dr. Rajinder Singh, Dated- Oct 22, 2021

10. How the Saha Ionization Equation Was Discovered, Speaker – Prof. Arnab Rai Choudhuri, FNA, Dated- Oct 6, 2021

09. A discussion on Gene Editing. Speaker – Prof. Deepak Pental, FNA Former Vice-Chancellor University of Delhi,Sep 21, 2021

08. Indian/ Foreign Fellows Webinar,Speaker-Prof. Akkihebbal Ramaiah (Ravi) RAVISHANKARA,Aug 5, 2021

07. Science of Oxygen Therapy: A Talk Show,Jun 26, 2021

06. Release of Books & Brochures by INSA,Jun 23, 2021

05. World Environment Day organised by INSA, New Delhi,Speaker-Dr. Prahlad Kishore Seth, FNA, FNASc, FAMS, NASI Senior Scientist, Founder and former CEO, Biotech Park, Lucknow, Former Director, CSIR-Indian Institute for toxicology Research,Jun 5, 2021

04. 75 Years of Independence AMRUTOTSAVA,Speaker-Prof. Tapas K. Kundu, PhD, DSc, FNASc., FASc., FNA, Sir J. C. Bose National Fellow,Apr 16, 2021

03. Indian/Foreign Fellows Webinar Series Exploring Active Matter by Professor Sriram R Ramaswamy,Feb 11, 2021

02. International Virtual Panel Discussion, Wednesday, 3 February 2021 In Cooperation with the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina ,Feb 5, 2021

01. Symposium: Integrating Science, Society and Philosophy: Jagadis & Abala Bose with Sister Nivedita,Speaker- Shri Jawhar Sircar,Public Intellectual and Retired IAS Secretary,Government of India,Feb 2, 2021

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