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International Exchange And Collaboration


Since 1968, the Academy has been successfully collaborating with scientific academies/organizations abroad by exchanging research experience and scientific information. Such a relationship is achieved usually through bilateral cooperation i.e. exchange of scientific information and publications, exchange of scientist’s visits, cooperative research projects, organization of joint symposia and other scientific activities. The Academy coordinates the exchange programme by facilitating contacts of individuals/scientific institutions in India with those of various foreign collaborating countries. To realize these objectives, the Academy has established Bilateral Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding with 59 Science Academies/Organizations in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Latin America. Under the Exchange Programme, the visit of the scientists are exchanged under two categories- short term visits for 2-8 weeks and Long term/Fellowship visits upto 6 months. Generally, the senior scientists are nominated for short term visits for having discussion and interaction with Scientists in different Institutions and the young scientists are nominated for longer duration for having collaborative research/training preferably in one institute/laboratory abroad.

In 1989, the Academy instituted the  Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Medal to be awarded annually forinternational cooperation in Science & Technology and for contributions to public understanding of Science. Scientists from all nations are eligible for consideration. The first award was made in 1990. The award carries a bronze medal and a citation. The travel and local expenses for the journey performed to deliver the award lecture will be paid to the awardee by the Academy.
The Academy, also in 1989 instituted the Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary visiting Fellowship to commemorate Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s commitment and sustained support for science. This Fellowship enables the Academy to project the achievements of Indian Science & Technology abroad. One Fellowship is awarded every third year to a distinguished Indian Scientist for delivering the series of Lectures abroad not restricted to countries with which the Academy has Exchange Programme.Since 1976, the Indian National Science Academy and The Royal Society, London had been jointly organizing the Blackett Memorial Lecture and the Sir J.C. Bose Memorial Lecture every two years alternately in India and the United Kingdom. The British scientists delivered the Blackett Memorial Lecture in India, whereas the Indian Scientists delivered the Sir J.C. Bose lecture in U.K. Following the communication received from the Royal Society, London, the Blackett Memorial Lecture and the J C Bose Memorial Lecture have been discontinued from 2010 onwards. Further in 2011 INSA has re-established the Lecture series to be awarded to a scientist of international repute in any branch of science.Beginning 2005, the Academy in association with the French Academy of Sciences instituted “Etienne Wolff- Ramanujan Lecture Series” to be organised alternately in India and France . The Etienne Wolff Lecture is delivered by French scientist in India and the Ramanujan Lecture is delivered in France by the Indian scientist alternately.

INSA-German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina Lecture Series: INSA and German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina have jointly taken an initiative to establish Lecture series between the two academies. A senior Indian speaker will deliver a (or a series of) lecture/s in Germany in one year and alternatively, a German scientist in India in the following year. This lecture series will be in addition to Indo-German Joint Symposia.

To support and encourage the scientists and technologists from other developing countries to pursue their research and training in Indian scientific research institutions, the Academy jointly with the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust has instituted a INSA-JRD Tata Fellowship.20 Fellowships are supported annually under this programme. The Fellowship covers to and fro airfare, board and lodging at the affiliated institution/s and a maintenance allowance to meet the incidental and other miscellaneous expenses.

The Academy has been a member of the IA Partnership, Third World Network of Scientific Organization(TWNSO), The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and is playing an active role in the promotion of science & technology in the Asian region by cooperating with the Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA)Science Council of Asia (SCA) established by Japan Science Council (SCJ).

Agreements / MoU with Overseas Academies

S.NoCountryName of the AcademyDate & Venue
of Agreement / MoU/ signed
1AfghanistanThe Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan10 September 2012Pdf Link
2AustraliaAustralian Academy of Sciences, Canberra*5 December, 2012Pdf Link
3AustriaThe Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria10th May, 2012Pdf Link
4BelarusThe Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk11th  September  2017Pdf Link
5Czech RepublicCzech Academy of Sciences, Prague11th April 2017Pdf Link
6FranceAcademie des Sciences (French  Academy of Sciences) Paris4th July 2018Pdf Link
7GermanyThe German Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina  25th May, 2012Pdf Link
8Iran  Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran     17th July, 2012,Pdf Link
9IsraelThe Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities, Jerusalem22 November, 2012Pdf Link
10KenyaAfrican Academy of Sciences, Nairobi, Kenya7th February, 2012Pdf Link
11Korea (South)Korean Academy of Science & Technology (KAST ), Seoul12th Nov.2013Pdf Link
12MongoliaMongolian Academy of Sciences,  
October 16, 2014Pdf Link
13MoroccoHassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Morocco23rd May, 2012Pdf Link
14PolandPolish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland*16th March, 2012Pdf Link
15RussiaFar Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation)     15 October 2014Pdf Link
16SloveniaThe Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia7th May, 2012Pdf Link
17South AfricaAcademy of Science of South Africa8 March, 2013Pdf Link
18SudanSudan Academy of Sciences (SAS)22 March, 2013Pdf Link
19TaiwanThe Academia Sinica of Taiwan, Taiwan*31 July, 2018Pdf Link

Call for Nomination of Overseas Scientists under INSA Chair 2023
















Kyrghyz Rep.















North Korea











Sri Lanka

International Exchange And Collaboration


S.NoCountryName of the Academy
1AfghanistanThe Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
2ArgentinaAcademia Nacional De Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas Y Naturales, Argentina
3ArmeniaNational Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Armenia
4AustraliaAustralian Academy of Sciences, Canberra*
5AustriaThe Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
6BangladeshBangladesh Academy of Sciences, Bangladesh
7BelarusThe Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk
8BelgradeSerbian Academy of Sciences & Arts, Belgrade
9BrazilBrazilian Academy of Science (BAS), Brazil

National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, The Federative Republic of Brazil
10CanadaRoyal Society of Canada, Canada
11ChinaChinese Academy of Sciences, China
12CubaAcademia de Ciencias de Cuba, Cuba
13Czech RepublicAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR), Prague
14FinlandThe delegation of the Finnish Academies of Science and letters, Finland
15FranceFrench Academy of Sciences (FAS), Paris
16GermanyThe Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Bonn, Germany
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Berlin
The German Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina
17HungaryThe Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), Budapest, Hungary
18IranAcademy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran
19IrelandScience Foundation Ireland (SFI), Ireland
20IsraelThe Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities, Jerusalem*
21JapanThe Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Tokyo, Japan
22JordanRoyal Scientific Society, Jordan
23KenyaAfrican Academy of Sciences, Nairobi, Kenya
24Korea (South)The Korea Science & Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), Seoul**
Korean Academy of Science & Technology (KAST ), Seoul
Korea Research Foundation (KRF)*, Seoul
25Korea(North)The State Academy of the DPR Korea, Pyongyang
26Kyrghyz RepublicThe National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrghyz Republic, Kyrghyz Republic
27MongoliaMongolian Academy of Sciences
28MauritiusThe Mauritius Academy of Science and Technology (MAST), Mauritius
29MoroccoHassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Morocco
30NepalRoyal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST), Nepal
31The NetherlandsThe Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Netherlands
32NorwayThe Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Norway
33PakistanPakistan Academy of Sciences, Pakistan
34PhilippinesNational Academy of Science and Technology of the Philippines, Philippines
35PolandPolish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland*
36RussiaThe Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation)
37SlovakiaThe Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
38SloveniaThe Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia*
The Slovenian Science Foundation, Slovenia
39South AfricaAcademy of Science of South Africa
40Sri LankaThe National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka (NASSL),Colombo, Sri Lanka
41SudanSudan Academy of Sciences (SAS)
42SwedenRoyal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sweden
KTH The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
43TaiwanAcademia Sinica, Taiwan*
44TurkeyTurkish Academy of Sciences, Turkey
45UKThe Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
The Royal Society of London, UK
46UkraineThe Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
47USAThe U.S. National Academy of Sciences, USA
48UzbekistanThe Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
49VietnamNational Centre for Scientific Research, Vietnam
50YugoslaviaThe Council of Academies of Sciences and Arts of SFRY, Yugoslavia

* Agreement Renewed
** Merged into National Research Foundation, Korea.

Visit Of Foreign Scientists


The scientists (from the countries having bilateral arrangements with INSA ) who have established interaction with the Indian scientists and desire to visit India may arrange to send their nomination through their respective Academy to Indian National Science Academy. On getting the nomination, the Academy would be able to arrange the desired programme in India as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement. ( For further details see the website of respective Academy in the List of Overseas Academies)

Statement of Expenditure
Visit Report
 INSA-Vainu Bappu Memorial Award (SC-II)
 The award was established in 1985 from an endowment by Mrs Sunanna Bappu, mother of the late Dr. Manali Vainu Bappu, an eminent Astronomer and a Fellow of the Academy. The award is to be given to a Astronomer / Astrophysicist of international recognition. The first award was announced in 1985. The award consists of a bronze Medal, an honorarium of Rs.25,000/- and a citation. Scientists from all nations are eligible for consideration. In the event of the award being given to a foreign Scientist, the international airfare will be met and he / she may be provided with cash equivalent of the honorarium in US dollars.
 Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Medal
 The award was established in 1989 by the Academy. The award will be given for international cooperation in Science & Technology and for contributions to public understanding of Science. Scientists from all nations are eligible for consideration. The first award was made in 1990. The award carries a plaque and a citation. President INSA, shall suggest names for consideration by the Council at its meeting in October in the year preceding the year of award. The name selected by the Council shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy.
 PMS Blackett Memorial Lecture and JC Bose Memorial Lecture
 These Lectureships were established in 2011 from General Funds of the Academy and will be awarded to a scientist of international repute in any branch of science. The award will be given once in three years alternatively i.e. 2013 (first Blackett Memorial lecture), 2016 (first JC Bose Memorial lecture), 2019 (second Blackett Memorial lecture) and so on. The Lectureships carry an honorarium of Rs. 25,000/- and a citation. Scientists from all nations are eligible for consideration. In the event of the award given to an overseas scientist, the international airfare will be reimbursed and the awardee will be provided with cash equivalent of the honorarium in US dollars. The nominations will be invited from the entire Fellowship.

International Exchange And Collaboration

YearJawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary visiting Fellowship Awardees
1991Prof. G. Padmanaban (Biochemistry)- UK
1992Dr.R.Chidambaram (Physics)-Germany and Japan for two weeks each from Sept.26,92.
1993Prof. M.G. Deo (Cell Biology & Medicine)- UK and France during Sept. 1993.
1994Prof. G. Govil (Biophysics)- Japan during November, 1994.
1995Prof. R. Kumar (Engineering)- Germany during Sept. 6-12, 1998.
1996Dr P Balaram, IISc., – UK and Germany
1997Prof H Y Mohan Ram – Brazil 28 days May 2-29,1998.
1998Prof O P Bhutani,IIT, New Delhi – Japan & Korea
1999Prof M Vijayan, (Molecular Biophysics) – U K
2000Dr Darshan Ranganathan, Chemistry – U K
2001Prof S K Malik – not visited
2002Dr R P Gandhi – Czech Rep, Hungary, Slovak & Poland
2003Dr H K Gupta – USA
2004Prof M.S. Jairajpuri- Germany & U.K.
2005Prof R. Godbole
2006Prof T. V. Ramakrishnan-UK
2007Prof R Gadagkar
2008Prof. Deepak Pental-UK
2009Prof. S.C. Lakhotia
2010Dr Krishan Lal
2013Prof. J P Mittal
2016Prof. Rajiva Raman
2019Prof. JP Khurana

Fellowship Guidelines


Deputation of Indian Scientists abroad under International Collaborating / Bilateral Exchange Programme of the Academy

(2.) List of Overseas Scientists selected for INSA Chairs 2018.


1Brazil6 months (short)
10 months (long)
4-5 scientists (3-8 weeks)
2-3 scientists (3-6 months)
2China24 weeks4-6 scientists(2-4 weeks)
3Czech Republic3 months(short)
9 months(long)
3-4 scientists(2-4 weeks)
2-3 scientists (3 months)
4Edinburgh(Scotland)4 Weeks(short)
1-3 months(long)
Limited no. of Scientists
5France4 weeks2 scientists(2 weeks)
6Germany30 weeks(short)
60 months(long)
10-12scientists(2-3 weeks)
15-20scientists(3-6 months)
7Hungary20 months7 scientists(3 weeks)
2 scientists(5 months)
8Japan200 days(short)
9 months(long)
7-8 scientists (2-4 weeks)
4-5 scientists (1-3 months)
9Kyrghyz Republic20 months for short and long
10Korea (South)12 months4 scientists(10-21 days)
3 scientists(3 months)
11Nepal——-10 scientists(3-4 weeks)
5 scientists (6 months-1 year)
12The Netherlands10 weeks5 scientists(2 weeks)
13Philippines12-15 weeks5 scientists(1-3 weeks)
14Poland24 weeks(short)
18 months(long)
6 scientists(4 weeks)
3 scientists(6 months)
15Russia30 months for short and long12 scientists(4 weeks)
6 scientists(3 months)
16Slovak1.5 months(short)
4 months(long)
3 scientists(2 weeks)
2 scientists(2months)
17Turkey——–4-6 scientists (2-4 weeks)
18Republic Slovenia2 months3-4 scientists (2-4 weeks)
19Ukraine6 months2-4 scientists(2 weeks)
2-3 scientists(2 months)



The Indian National Science Academy is the adhering body in India to the International Council for Science and its various affiliated Unions/Committees/Commissions, etc. International Council for Science (ISC) is a non-governmental organisation formed during 1931 to promote international scientific activities in different branches of science and their applications for the benefit of humanity. This is being achieved through facilitating international co-operation in scientific work and promoting the formation of International Unions in different branches of science. The Academy acts through the various National Committees constituted to coordinate with the ISC activities in India.

Role of National Committees
To recommend through the adhering organisation (INSA), its views regarding organisational changes of statutes, proposals for scientific action or matters for discussions
To prepare country status reports which may be desirable for bringing before the General Assembly of the respective Union.
To recommend scientists to represent the adhering organisation at the General Assembly of the respective Union and other International Congresses sponsored by them.
To holding of International Conferences/Congresses/General Assemblies in India under the auspices of the International Unions
To recommend suitable names of Indian scientists for the various Executive positions in the ISC bodies.

Click for list of Indians occupying important positions in different ISC bodies
A committee comprising the Chairmen of the National Committees in different branches of science and corresponding to the International ISC bodies, forms the ISC National Committee. The President and the Vice-President (International Affairs), INSA are the Ex-Officio Chairman and Member-Secretary, respectively of this committee.

Following are the aims and objectives of the ISC National Committee
To realize the objectives of the International Council for Science, i.e. to facilitate and coordinate the activities of the International Scientific Unions in the field of the exact and natural sciences;
t and natural sciences;
To act as the coordinating centre for the national organizations adhering to the Council;
To act as the coordinating centre for the national organizations adhering to the Council;
To enter through the intermediary of the national adhering organizations into relations with Government of their respective countries in order to promote scientific research in these countries;research in these countries;
To maintain relations with specialized and related agencies of the United Nations; and
To make such contacts and mutual arrangements as are deemed necessary with other International Councils, Unions and Organizations where common interest exists.

Click for membership of COMMITTEES

Support for Participation in International Conferences
Guidelines For Settlement of Claims For Attending International Conferences Under ISC/Non-ISC Programme
Accounts Performa for Reimbursement-ISC Related Conferences
Deputation Report
Application Performa for Reimbursement-ISC Related Conferences
Conference Claim Form UC SOE