List of Scientist Selected Under INSA – JRD TATA Fellowship

S.NoName, Address and AgeResearch AreaProposed Institute and period
 1Mrs. Niveen Faid Abdel-Maaboud.
Researcher Assistance
National Institute for Standards,
Tersa Street, El-Ahram El-Giza
P.O. Box: 136,
Giza Code No. 1221, Egypt 
22-12-74 (27 years)
Length Measurements of Gauge Blocks using koster interferometerNPL, New Delhi (3 months) 
 2Dr. A.M. Abd El-Mageed
Dept. of Production Engg & Design,
Faculty of Engg., Minia University,
Minia (6111), Egypt
31-07-1958 (43 years)
Fracture mechanics Characterization of Al MMC,sIndian Instt. Of Technology, New Delhi 01-07-2001 to 31-12-2001 (6 month)
 3Dr. Artur Ishkhanyan
Engineering Center
378410 Armenia
18-05-1960 (41 years)
-Non-linear atom optics-Bose-Einstein condensation.-Standing wave scattering of atoms-atom interferometry-control interometry transitions-laser cooling, quantum optics
Center for Theoretical Studies, IISc, Bangalore

1st November 2001 to 30th April 2002 (6 months)
4Dr. Mohieldeen Abdel Rahman
Associate Professor
Production Engineering Dept.
Faculty of Engineering,
Minia University Minia, Egypt 61111
02-12-1954(47 years)
-Material Forming
-Composite Material testing
-Material Characterization
-Powder Matallurgy Forming
IISC, Bangalore, (Metallurgical Deptt) –IIT, BHU

01-10-2001 to 28-02-2002 (3 months)
 5Shri Lilit Vardanyan
Junior Research Assistant
Instt. Of Hydroecology and Ichthyology.
1112, 24d Bargramyan Ave,
yerevan 375019 Republic of Armenia
Hygroecology and botanyNIO, Goa

15/01/2002 to 15/04/2002

(3 months)
 6Dr. Caus Maria
Senior Researcher
Institute of Plant Physiology Moldovan
Academy of Science,
Str. Padurilor 22,
Chisinau MD 2002 Republic of Moldova
06-11-1952 (49 years)
Physiological and biochemical processes of plant.CIMAP, Luchnow
 7Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Enan
Orthopaedic Surgery
Deptt. Mansoura
Faculty of Medicine Mansoura, Egypt
-Shoulder Instability-Open Reduction &Capsularphy-Anterior Decompresion of Fracture Spine-Arthroscopy of the Knee
Arthrscopic KneeCentreIn New Delhi
01/06/2001 to 01/09/2001(3 months)
 8Dr. Robert Khachatryan
Head, Deptt. of Laser Biomedicine,
SRI Physiotherapy 421,
Orbelli Str. 375028 Yerevan Armenia21-09-1956 (45 years)
Design of the laser systems and study of influense of laser rediation on living object-Application lasers in MedicineCentre for Advanced Technology,
CAT, Indore

01-05-2001 to
9Dr. EL-Said Ahmed Egypt
AL- Sayed Ragab
National  research
Instt. of Astronomy and Geophysics
E-1 Marsed Street, 11722 Helwan Cairo,
– Geomagnetic Study
-Geoelectric and Electromagnetic Study
New DelhiHyderabad
10Dr. A.I Mahmoud Hasain Egypt
Faculty of Electroic Engg.
Communication Deptt.
Menufia University
Menouf 32952
-Antennas and Wave Propagation
-Microwave Theory and Techniques
Thomographic Image Reconstruction in Microwave Range
-Inverse scattering Problem
-Electromagnetic Wave
IIT Bombay

IISC Banglore
Scientist Selected during 2001-2002


S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 1Dr. M Z Youssef
Dept. of Mathematics
Ain Shams Univ
18.8.1969 (31 yrs)
EgyptMathematicsInstt. Of Math. Sci Chennai (TN)3-6 months


S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 2Dr. A. Usmam
Research Assistant
Dept. of Physics Gadjah Mada Univ
6.3.1964 (39 yrs)
IndonesiaX-ray crystallographyNat. Physical Lab. New Delhi3 months
 3Dr. Emad Badawi
Dept. of Physics
Faculty of Science
El-Mina University El-Mina
27.5.1960 (42 yrs)
EgyptEffect of RadiationIGCAR, Kerla5 months


S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 4Nooria Wassie
Res. In Instt. Of Chem.
Academy of Science of Afghanistan
25.10.1964 (38 yrs)
AfghanistanAlcoholsIICT, Hyderabad3-6 month
 5Dr. I Made Areana
Dept. of Chemistry
Institut Teknologi Bandung Bandung
25.8.1964 (38 yrs)
IndonesiaPolymersIISc, Bangalore3 months
 6Dr. Y A GH Youssef
Textile Research Centre
5.2.1966 (36 yrs)
EgyptTextile DyesUDCT, Univ of Mumbai6 months
 7Dr. Osmam Aly Osmam Chemistry University El-MiniaEgyptBiochemistryPGIMER, Chandigarh6 months


S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration of Visit
 8Dr. Abdul Wahah Daria
“Member of Construction
Institute Acedemy of Science of Agfhanistan
AfganistanCivil EnggIIT, Roorkee3-6 months
9Dr. Abdul Khalil President,
Basic Sci. and Technology
Academy of Science of Afghanistan
16.6.1958 (44yrs)
AfghanistanElectrical EnggIIT, New Delhi3-6 months
 10Dr. B.A. Ali
Dept. of NAR
GEBRI, Mubarak City for Scientific Res & Tech
1.1.1968 (35 yrs)
EgyptBiotechnologySGIMS, Lucknow6 months
 11Dr. A F Farrag Ahmed
Engg. Res Div
National Research Centre Giza
28.12.1956 (46 yrs)
EgyptMech. EnggMechanical Inst. Durgapur6 months

Earth Science

S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 12Hayatullah Amini
Head, Geophysics Institute,
Academy of Science of Afghanistan
10.7.1958(44 yrs)
AfghanistanGeophysicsNGRI, Hyderabad3-6 months
 13Haithem D Alki
Remote Sensing Unit Oil Exploration Com.
1.7.1965(37 yrs)
EgyptRemote SensingNRSA Dehradun5 months

Plant Science

S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 14Dr. ES M M El-Morsy
Botany Dept
Damietta Faculty of Science
21.76.1965 (37 yrs)
EgyptPlant ScienceIARI, New Delhi3 months

Animal Science

S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 15Dr. Aymam Hyder
Faculty of Science Damiietta
30.12.1967 (35 yrs)
EgyptZoologySGPL, Lucknow3 month
 16K D Manandhar LecturerPadmakanya Multiple Campus5.4.1964 (38 yrs)NepalZoologyDeptt. Of Para-sitology, AMU, Aligarh6 months


S.NoName, Address and AgeCountryResearch AreaProposed InstituteDuration  of Visit
 17Zobaida  Bayat
Researcher in Agriculture
Academy of Science of Afghanistan
AfghanistanAgricultureDirectorate of wheat Reasearch, Karnal 3-6 month
18Ghulam Jan Shirzadah
Researcher in Agriculture
Academy of Science Afghanistan
15.8.1957(45 yrs)
AfghanistanAgricultureHotciculture Univ. Solan3-6 months
 19M W Waigwa
SCRED Africa
PO Box 2248 Bungoma
28.6.1972(30 yrs)
KenyaSoil ScienceUAS, Bangalore6 months
 20Dr. M.A Zommara
Dept. of Dairy Science
Tanta University Kafr El-Sheikh
19.12.1958(44 yrs)
EgyptDairy ScienceNat. Dairy Res. Institute, Karnal3 months
 21Dr. Majid Olia
Dept. of Crops Sci
Faculty of Agri. Sci
Shahrekord Univ Iran
28.5.1965 (37 yrs)
IranCrops ScienceAMU, Aligarh3-6 months